Spirit to help me in class?

Hello, I finally picked up my class, and let’s just say I’m not doing as perfect as I thought I would (yet I’m still passing). Are there any spirits that I can evoke to ask for help, if not invocation or even possession [to a certain point]? I’d prefer the spirit to be beginner-friendly, and please share it’s sigil or a link to it.

FYI, this class has a lot of math and some engineering-type activities.

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King Paimon, master of all arts and sciences.


Thank you! What sort of offerings does King Paimon like? Will frankincense do?

Yes, frankincense will do.

However, what King Paimon really likes, is something personal done in his name, like a work of creativity (a drawing, painting, poem, etc) or a treat baked just for him.

He also has a sweet tooth, so chocolate is a great offering as well.


I’ve never worked with him but from what I’ve seen based on comments in this forum, be sure that you address him as King Paimon and not just Paimon when you do speak to him.