Spirit springs... water on head

Sorry for the clickbaity title,

I have received an unusual Succubus from King Belial, more geared towards teaching, no hanky panky. Geez, took me a while to figure that out…

Anyways, I feel a torrent of watter, coming from her, the normal whirlwind in the center of my head, and maybe drops of watter, kinda cold.

The watter feels as if its being poured on to my head, then running off the sides of my head by my ears.

Has anyone felt this before?

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Like…outside of the shower?

hehe, couldn’t resist.

Seems like he delivered a companion and not a succubus. Which did you ask for?

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Very true friend, but she is a succubus… wait are they not a succubus if there not intimate?

A succubus, but one on my pathworking with Belial

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Yeah, doesn’t sound like a succubus, the intimacy is part if their definition.

Water can represent knowledge. It shouldn’t be running off, surely? Is your cup full to overflowing?

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Guess that’s not good news. Or I’m just not receptive, I have to find a way to open to it so it’s not waisted

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