Spirit sending people

Does anyone have experience with spirits sending people to attack you? Like people seemingly coming out of nowhere just to fuck with you or harass you or even worse?

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So you believe the spirits are causing the humans to attack you and not the other way around?

Are you sure it’s the spirits sending people and not a nasty curse making you a target for animosity, increased personality flaws or something of the like?

What are you do long for spiritual hygiene? I ask because while you say the spirits seem to be sending these people, it could actually be the energy around or an intentional magical attack/curse etc at you and spiritual hygiene can help with this.

Mmm, I think that’s all the questions I can think of to off hand to get more insight into this question.


Yes, if one shows up and gets aggressive directly, fight like hell, don’t assume just because it tells you it’s some big name it matters and give it what for. Attack it with the same techniques you can find in our parasites tutorials.

If you are only told a spirit was sent, but nothing really happens, have a good giggle and forget it. If you like summon the spirit yourself and see if they even got the memo: they probably didn’t.

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It’s not spirits being sent by anything, it’s human people being sent to him by spirits unless they wrote it wrong or I completely misunderstand.

Oh, then yes cleanse and banish. Get of the radar: like attracts like,so change yourself to get out of that vibration totally and then they won’t be able to energetically find you.


Oh dude yeah, people use to in the past sometimes just fucking hate me, even though I’m like being the nicest person ever, it’s like people would have bipolar syndrome all of a sudden, it crazy.

But, that was before black magic in my experience and putting myself in situations. xD

I think it’s definitely, spiritual hygiene.

And yes there could be a curse, or a negative entity causing chaos around you.

I recommend to do energy work to so you can have your energy stimulating to increase awareness and combined with banishments & reversals whenever you feel is necessary.

Also… One thing that is an underrated diagnosis is, your goals. It could be that your goals are purposely putting in situations so you can continue growing.

It’s just something I was wondering because some weird things have happened and I’m wondering what the reason was for all of it.

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Ah well I’m afraid I can’t personally discern the all of the possible causes or most likely based upon the question alone, I’m sorry :disappointed:

However I’d take a look at your energy and spiritual hygiene as the two things I did think of could be helped with that. :blush:

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