Spirit questions

So my first question is this: is it true spirits like it better when you customize an evocation based off your intuition like this should go here and this should go there…rather then always following instructions in a book?

I’d assume it’s like a bird has to leave the nest eventually type thing

My second one is: which is the strongest ritual for materialization if there is one, between petitions, pacts, evocation ect

Thanks guys

One aspect of every evocation or invocation is the person doing so. Your energy and subconscious are involved in the process just as much as anything else. The spirit’s energy interacts with your energy which then influences your subconscious before finally coming to your conscious. As such it is very important to follow your intuition/subconscious with these matters.



I don’t think it matters, so no ritual is inherently better than another.

It’s like asking which is the best diet… the answer is, the one you stick to. Should you use chopstics or a fork? You still eat the food right? Should you put on the black or the blue jeans? Your experience changes but the end result is the same. It would be weird to ask “are black pants better than blue ones, which should I always wear?” Same thing, imo.

You need to develop your senses and make the connection either way, after that how you got there isn’t as important to them as it is to you and what results you get, imo. If you can do any ritual, and your senses pick up the communication, then you have options, and you can go with what you feel like doing the most.


EA said he use to follow the intuition of the moment, and suggested to do the same. Indeed, one may begin by following (and even this can be done “as much as possible”, not necessarily in a strict way) procedures and conjurations from Goetia, Kingdoms of Flame etc. then develop new practices.
If the magician gets a feel for such an idea, it’s possible to act (safely) and talk almost randomly i.e. wave hands in incense smoke, say “O you herald of dawn…”, doing so is the apex of spontaneous magical practice.

That’s a very good answer and the delivery and verbage were awesome :+1::love_you_gesture: