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So this is how the situation evolved

I took Denmark, Brest, and Warsaw

Bwahahahaha :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Everyone is super pissed now!!!


I get three builds for taking three supply centers. Two fleets and army.

It’ll take France and Germany two years to recover from what happened. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’m sorry I know this is BALG I’ll try to keep the posts spirit topic related. I just had to share this, it’s highly satisfying.


You are free to talk about pretty much whatever you want to in a journal, my friend. The only caveat is that you do not directly break forum rules (for example, by discussing real world politics, etc).


@DarkestKnight Yes sir, I’d never bring my real world politics here. It’s refreshing not to have to really. I feel a little guilty posting my recreation here this isn’t an appropriate venue for that. I just consider my balg friends so close that I want to share everything that brings me a little joy.

Duly noted sir, thank you for the reminder. :grin:


Spirit of the day

What a fabulous and legendary spirit this is the great King Asmoday.

I’ve worked with him 5 or six times and he’s only failed to deliver decisively once.

The king is phenomenal. The things he can do are out of this world. Gotta be real careful with him though

I Absolutely admire him, he’s got style, so much style

Sitrah ahra

Rite of Samael

I decided no more breaks I will doggedly pursue the qlippoth. Time to show Sitra Ahra I’ve got balls!! They almost had me though I was ready to quit yesterday

The dreamscapes are just too real and are outright horrifying.

Prince Orobas helped me regroup for another charge in.

Thanks also to @norse900 and @Nightside and @Kindraathe for thier encouraging remarks.

Tonight’s recitation was a clusterfuck of toungetwister latin and Hebrew. Hope tomorrow is smoother.

Let’s see what this rite has to show me.

Side note

That’s what I love about BALG we have eachother as companions on this path when I feel demoralized or lost all I have to do is reach out and find a few friends to get me on my way again. That’s been a huge factor in my success in 21 and probably will be this year too. Onward my friends, into the breach once more…


You’ll make it out of Samael alive and well, then you get to meet Bael :slight_smile:


So I just had prince Orobas give me a test.

He wanted me to give him the last piece of frankincense incense. Now he knows that’s intended primarily for king Bael. He also knows it’s the last piece until more comes in from order this week.

So decisions decisions…

I gave him his way and gave him the last piece of frankincense. It’s night time and these are our special Bonding hours.

He knows I never tell him no. Spoiled spirit.

This is a small deal to me, but to him it was a really big deal I could sense that. He tipped his hand by acting a little too nonchalant about it.

Well I’ll have to explain to King Bael in the morning why there’s no frankincense for him. He usually likes copal anyway. I hope it doesn’t start a feud. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Sometimes the spirits are very naughty.


Goetic games

A musing

Wow it was real smooth how Prince Orobas snagged that incense…

I went to tell King Bael this morning about but he said he OKd it already and wanted sandlewood instead of copal.

So prince Orobas and King Bael had discussed the situation prior without my knowledge…

Ooohh yeah run that game…:racehorse:

Meanwhile I tossed and turned for three hours twisting on the rack about how I was going to tell King Bael I’d given away his last piece of frankincense.

I personally don’t give a shit who gets what. But it’s a big deal to them and I don’t want one to feel like the other is being unfairly favored over the other.

All of this was just Prince Orobas seeing if I would give him his way if he asked. 🤦

Here’s the thing he really doesn’t ask much from me. But he delivers alot. So I kind of felt like I had to give it to him.

Oh well.🤷

Goetic games.

I think it’s funny really, sometimes Prince Orobas really surprises me. He did seem highly satisfied when enjoying the last piece of frankincense.

Here’s what were going to do in the future. Im buying incense for each of them and that’s thier incense. If they want a different kind sometimes that’s fine I have a temple well stocked but this way each spirit has thier own box of incense. That way it doesn’t start a quarrel.

Hahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy: I just want everyone to be happy.


I feel really strong today with Sitra Ahra. The connection is getting stronger and stronger by the day.

I understand something now, this is UPG but I know I’m right.

WE ( you and me, and every one else) are the key to victory for Sitra Ahra.

Let’s face the facts if Qlippoth could dominate the ALL and get in the driver’s seat it would do so immediately. It is held in check However.

We humans having freewill are the key to allowing Sitra Ahra into this world.

That’s the thing they need us.

There’s alot more I want to write but I feel like it’ll just start a fight.

It is my journal though and I should feel free to share my views here. On the main forum I’d expect to encounter a great deal of dissenting opinions. And that’s fine, I’m not always right and sometimes I learn from others too.

Maybe on a day when I feel stronger I’ll share more of my gnosis.

What I can say is my eyes are just about wide open and Ive never had more resolve for the LHP and Sitrah Ahra and my 72 friends. I’m consciously aware of what I’m doing and chosing Qlippoth

Some good reading materials I’d suggest to others interested in this would definitely be karlssens “kabbalah, Qlippoth and Goetic magick” and the book of sitrah ahra.


I just recalled a glimpse of my dreams from last night after the rite of Samael.

There was dog with no teeth in my dream. It was Glaysa labolas I know it now. The dog was hungry and asked me for food.


This is really happening I’m so happy.


That’s amazing Mike! I’m so proud of you man!


@dagar thanks man :love_you_gesture:


Spirit of the day

Malphas ( again)

This is a spirit that obviously enjoys making himself heard and known through my daily draw.

He is the marut of harut and marut. Two legendary angels that test men with sorcery.

I consider him and his partner Halphas to be like a Goetic duo like the Men in black.

Very awesome spirit. The familiar he appointed me is helping me develop clairvoyance at a much faster place than I had been.

Sitrah ahra

Good recitation tonight much smoother than last night. Dreams sexual and strange, I’m handling the vibrations of this much better than the last sphere.

We’ll see what tonight’s dreams bring.

I took tramadol ( low dosage, not recreational) just prior to the recitation of the rite of Samael. This will cause me to go into trance and lucid dream strongly. I’m doing this in a ritual context because according to legend I’m actually drinking poison from the cup of Samael in this rite as a way to extinguish my former self and be reborn.

We’ll see.

I think I just had to get angry about the whole initiation to make this work for me. There’s alot of power in anger. I had to become disgusted with my own weakness and self pitying instinct and rage out against the test.

I deserve to be here and I will pass through these spheres. Come hell or high water.

Awesome song this reminds me what I’m going through is my personal pilgrimage through hell.

images (21)

If it doesn’t kill you or put you in the mental hospital you can call it an initiation.

I fed the dogs pizza from the refrigerator In honor my experience with Glaysa labolas last night. :grin::pizza::pizza::pizza:


Awesome I just had a friend update me on some love working I did a week two or his behalf.

The tide is turning in his favor with this young woman.

I love it when a plan comes together.

images (22)


Just to say that I incorporated an adapted variation of the spirit blessing into my rituals and I got great responses from them.

I understand the reasons and I see the logic in why they appreciate it so much.

Thanks, that was an excellent tip. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s awesome! Thanks for the feedback @anon29949371

I’m using a variation of the one I originally posted there now.

The spirits do like being blessed.



Dream update

Real manageable dreams mostly sexual and drug related, no violence nothing vicious.

I’m handling this alot better.

I’d like to make an analogy.

The Qlippoth spheres are very much intended to be a prison system for the ALL. Everything that gets rejected from the main stream , Goetic spirits, ect are trapped in sitrah Ahra.

It didn’t take the inmates long to start running the joint. Inmates are running the asylum.

The initiation into the Qlippothic spheres introduces you to this side.

My advice to others who are interested in knowing this side of the tree is leave your expectations for what things “should” look like and be like at the door.

Thier world, thier prison is very much unlike what I thought it’d be. Strangely there is some beauty there although the kaballah tells us there is nothing good there. This is a lie. Or I’m changing and I’m able to see it now.:astonished::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I think I may have misjudged VK jehennum. There are soooo many assholes out there calling themselves master or adept I just started categorically rejecting all of them.

I don’t share all his views or gnosis but his Qlippoth initiation is off the chain.

You know I’m finicky about my music too. I usually hate anything new. If it’s not atleast five years old I don’t like it. I hated both Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber until they were around for awhile. I think I’m getting old. :astonished::astonished::laughing::laughing::laughing:




Thanks everyone for your support and feedback and readership. I don’t consider this journal strictly mine, this is a place where the spirits are welcome to express themselves. My readers too. Feel welcome to leave comments or ask questions. We all benefit from this when its happening.


Spirit of the day ( in 18 minutes)

Marquis ronove

This spirit teaches rhetoric, gives faithful servants, favor of friends and foes and teaches language.

This is actually a real cool spirit.

I just reached out with a feeler and connected with Ronove and he’s willing to work with me on language and in procuring the love of friends and foes.

I really had about no interest In spirit work tonight but I think I’m actually going to evoke him. Something about his openness and attitude and vibe that I like.

I’ll report how that goes later.

Sphere three day three

Excellent recitation only stumbled once. I felt Prince Pruflas stir and take notice when his name was mentioned. He and I are going to have to get aquatinted Soon. It felt like glaysa labolas was with me during the recitation with an aura “you can do it” that seemed to help my confidence.

I’m doing great with this sphere. Wish they were all so smooth. I theorize different people are going to have vastly different experiences with this ritual. What I need from samael may not be what you need and vise versa. Some people may fly through dealing with Lilith in Gamaliel whereas I nearly quit.

Let’s proceed forward.