Spirit for recover friendship?

I made a big mistake because of which I lost a friend. Very close one. I don`t want to use any mind control magick… that would be fucking retarded. I need help of spirit that can provide assistance in reviewing our relations and maybe arrange a meeting for us to just… talk… in the right time in the right place… in the right mood. Thank you.


Saspu, the Angel of Love and Friendship, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame, by EA Koetting. I think you should be able to find his seal on the forum if you search.


I reconciled with a friend last week after a few days of petitioning the angel of lost things (you can find more info here in the forum).
Another time I did it with the 2 of swords “lord of peace restored” as it says in D. Tyson’s book “Portable Magic”.



How would I go about contacting this spirit?

The same way you would any other. Open the seal and call him.

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I really highly recommend Prince Orobas. He can reconcile friend and foe. He dies this naturally and gently. Often when I’ve made mistakes in relationships I ask Prince Orobas to put out the fire and help me mend fences.

He’s great.


The angels of omnipotence have helped me big time with it, more than once. There’s a sigil on Jareth Tempest’s book to “heal a relationship”, with the Angel of Omnipotence Tulatu if I’m correct. A bit more than a year ago I had screwed it big big time and was sure the relationship with a close friend was lost forever. The angels healed it, that’s for sure. There’s some other sigils in the book you can use and combine, like “make someone love you”, or “be valued”. Dantalion is amazing too for changing feelings and thoughts, so that the person gives you another chance. And you can always use Keteriya’s technique to implant thoughts: I know you said “no mind control”, but planting some thoughts on them about how much they miss you or memories of the good times together may not be a bad idea to support your other Magick. Good luck!


Amon can also help heal friendships and relationships.


I’d try both spirits what others have said to use, along with a binding spell for that person, and a healing friendship spell, and a return to friendship spell, as well as a making up spell, call me spell.
the more you add to his the more it’ll increase your friendship to come back. another one is to heal all problems between you and that person spell. just some ideas to help out.

Did you suffer from any disruptions because of the AoO?

The author says they expect you to do your part and get to work on your goal, or else…

I never called them because it feels like a lot of pressure. If I have to do all the work myself, lest they give me depression (Elubatel is known for that) or wreck my life… why call them at all?

So I’m curious in this case. How did they/you work?

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