Spirit for procrastination and late work/multitasking

Long story short lots of events have now transpired I am now finishing all these different things but needing to keep working enough, too do it all. I need a spirit I can slough off the work to who can do a good job and take care of it, not literally but someone who can align it all so that I can start getting this shit done well and before shit really hits the fan. Before I lose out mentally or in my studies or at home or work.

I’ve been doing meditating more, doing magick, and smoking weed. I fear this will only hold me over for so long but am trying to stay positive.

To Do:

  • Find a good therapist
  • Get a job (save up and move out)
  • Win not guilty-plead for both my cases
  • Finish Senior Project
  • Get an A in both my classes
  • Finish Community Service Hours
  • Learn Astral Projection

No spirit can do this stuff for you. They can give you energy, help you learn more easily, so you can do things more efficiently or faster, and help you by say, letting you stumble accross the right therapist fast, but you have to physically do the internet search, do the hours, study and apply for jobs.

I think you want to prioritise. Pick no more than 5 goals and only add another when one is done. Go for the time based ones first. Otherwise you risk just doing all of them badly and wrecking yourself in the process.

If you can multitask on anything, like, listening to educational mp3s while doing the community service, that might help.


This is what I’m looking for im not trying to take a back seat I want to be able to do it efficiently and without burning out.