Spirit for Freelancing work

Hi Magi,

I am a web developer. I am looking to get some freelancing work, I can make simple responsive websites and very simple webapps. I was wondering -
Which spirits can help me with this type of working??
Can you tell me which spirits can help and why you think they are the best to help me over the other?

Pls dont tell to me look on Upwork.com and freelancer.com, its tough out there, people have many years of experience. Job posters dont even reply to my quote :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.


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This one might be of use:

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i looking for spirit help also

Use the spirit Phorlok from “Summoning spirits”. Seed the web with job aps and freelance postings for about a week, then summon him.


@Joe_Stark I have worked with Phorlakh before, gotta give him a try :wink: