Spirit Families - Shamanism

Does anyone have any tips for raising a spirit family.

By this I mean a spouse and children in the astral realm.

I have felt drawn to this type of situation for years, but I did not understand it until last year. Last year when I found out I was a natural born Shaman.

I began to research and I guess this is something that at least some shamans do.

They need to be fully focused on their spiritual work, hence the celibacy.

But many of them have spiritual spouses and children even, that help them in their work.

Have any of you experienced this? I began my own family last winter. And I would love to meet someone else who has a family like this.

Thank you for reading, everyone!

Blessed be xx

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I have traced my family roots and I know that part of my family was from a tribe here in South America that practiced Shamanism and tribal spiritual traditions.

I have been drawn towards Shamanism too since I was a kid and discovering this fact about myself just increased the desire. Sadly, I cannot give you any other advice.

Either way, I’m planning on traveling to a certain place in South America to experience an Ayahuasca trip. You might want to travel and do the same if you wish or use other substances to communicate to the spritis related to Shamanism


Thank you so much for your input :slight_smile:

When I lived in a group home under the care of Social Services, there were two Native (Cree specifically) kids there and they had a right to learn about their history so an elder came in to teach them and do crafts with them, I also joined because why not. But she told me that Shamans were twin-spirited which meant that they were either gay or bisexual, and they were capable of bringing both a masculine and feminine perspective to things. They also, in addition to physical spouses had spiritual spouses.

Thought I’d throw that in there.


My spirit spouse is a woman… and so am I :stuck_out_tongue:

I have known I was a lesbian since my first ever crush- which just so happened to be my childhood best friend.

Thanks so much for sharing! I did not know this was common.

Blessed be xx