Spirit experience HELP PLEASE

So I yelled at the universe at the gods demons Yahweh told them they don’t exist I don’t exist.
Pretty much I rebelled against my path.
I have to work with demons it’s in my path.
I have no choice
But I pretty much told them I am not doing it

Me saying they don’t exist I don’t exist nothing exist I believe it now but while I was doing that.

I almost got killed by a semi Truck fell down on the highway. Was lost couldn’t find my back home. Was cold :cold_face: hungry :yum: my phone started acting on its own.

Because nothing makes any sense.
My life everything in existence doesn’t make any sense.

Now I’m hearing like something is crawling on the wall. Been hearing dishes Like forks spoons feeling like something is breathing on me. I hear a dog breathing in the kitchen,
I’ve convinced myself that we live in a simulation That spirits are simulations that do what they are told by the code. The spirit has been touching moving things around.

I was told by hell that the only reason I’m alive is because I am of use to them. The spirit runs on the ceiling I can’t see the spirit, but I definitely hear it. I’ve been hearing footsteps

What should I do?

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Banish. And consider the possibility of therapy.

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You know what is funny?
That by your own argument your opinion does not make sense either, so you must disregard it.

Now, some people would advice against it, I say: dwell in it become absorbed by it. Even, think of that dreadful thought that you are never supposed to have. (That feeling of “lowering your guard”).

If you are lucky, after a while you find out that life cannot exist if there is no mutual trust. Trust that your heart will beat just as the heart trust that the brain will send signals. This fundamental trust and exchange is what keeps everybody alive; call it holding a rock that is falling to fell safe, but the truth is that Nothing implies Something and “Here” Implies “There”.

“Up” implies “down”
“moral” implies “immoral”

The void implies not void. There was never a separation, just a perception.

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Why do you create a topic when clearly you have been told to introduce yourself propperly?

@No_purpose_Deadboy you have a choice and I can advise you two ways, do you want to fight this? Or do you want to make it stop.

Make it stop

Apologize to the spirits you cast out and called fake. they’re trying to prove to you that theyre real. If this is your path just be slow and breath, let them know youre sorry and you want to learn their ways. Accept them, they are your teachers

Then once you’ve calmed down you’ll need to make in introduction post.


Ok thanks

And remember you do have power. YOU made a pact with them, YOU pissed them off. Anyone that can do that is already a cut above the average.

Cut Above The Average

Banish. Banish. Banish again. Banish one more time. Banishing for breakfast. 40oz of banishing at the lunch with a large banishing and a nice plate of banishing. At night, just a bunch of banishing. And then, mix everything and banish it.

Along with that, some therapy and please, take care of your mental health. No jokes here, your mental health is really, really important. Take care of that.

Ah, and banish.


Now, a tip: you’re not obligated to believe on anything, you can even deny it, but be respectful to whatever you see. Unless you’re completely against it and, by this way, you need to fight against it, being respectful to it is the wisest decision you can make in order to avoid any problems and be free to focus on what really matter without losing time fighting, avoiding or just trying to defend yourself against anything. No matter if it’s Satan, Jesus, Lucifer, Demons, Daemons, Exus, Orixás, Druids, Pongo, Smurfs, no matter whatever a person say about whatever shit he believes or that’s real, just respect it and let it go.

It won’t harm your pride and will save you from a lot of problems.


I think you should seek medical treatment first - physical, emotional, and mental before going down a spiritual path that may be more intense than you’re ready for.