Spirit communication

What is the best book or website to learn spirit communication? I truly need to talk to a spirit who has answers about everything that happened to me before this life but I don’t know how to. I’ve had my third eye activated by a shaman but it doesn’t help much. I desperately want to at least be able to hear spirits voices. If I can’t see them at least hear them…


I think I sent you the best tutorial I have for this, but it’s not so much there there’s a best one that works for everyone, but the best for YOU personally. :thinking:

Do you recognise anything in this which may unlock the system that works best for you?

Scroll down a bit for the header saying “Modalities and Representational Systems”: Modalities and Representational Systems


Well you had sent me a tutorial for astral projection, that’s different. If I can’t astral project yet that’s ok but I’d need to at least be able to hear spirits.

I think I’m a visual person, I’m not 100% sure but I think so. I understand things way better with illustrations and detailed diagrams.


Yes, the point of being able to travel in spirit realms though is that you are “in” the spirit worlds, so it means you’re going to meet spirits and begin interacting with them. :smiley:

It’s like the way language students will sometimes spend some time abroad to immerse themselves in the language they’re learning, and develop a deeper understanding of it. :smiley:

If you’re visual, try doing that exercise but remain at the World Tree and structure a horse, to begin with, a black friendly-looking horse, in the exact same way I describe forming the World Tree, and ask it to carry you down to the Lower World.

Doing this will strengthen your skills, if I decided to try and lift 200lbs right now it would be impossible, but lifting progressively heavier weights would allow me to accomplish that goal.

Doing proressive magickal acts in which your mind and soul are forming things and making things happen will strenghten your psi senses and your ability to cause magickal events.


I’m not very experienced myself, but one thing that helped me is creating a servitor specifically for improving astral senses. I know everyone says this but getting into a trance state really helps with information flowing between your conscious and subconscious mind. I use to think that my spirit communication wasn’t working until someone told me spirits communicate through thought impressions. From my experience, only when I’m deep trance astral projecting or dreaming is when i can “physically” hear the spirits.


Have you ever tried my void meditation? A good amount of people have been able to unlock that ability with it.


@John_Doe yes this seems logical however I hear a lot of people say that they have conversations with spirits while they are drinking coffee or driving. It is obvious that you can not drive in trance state though.

@AdamThoth nope I haven’t, I’m going to look it up.


No need I link this to a thread like every week now.


Yeah just from my experience I can’t hear them unless the two aforementioned is met.


What really improved my communication with spirits, and helped me differentiate my voice from theirs is opening the minor chakras which I found here: Opening and Meditating on Your Clairaudience Points

Mod edit, 2019 - that site is not available, this is an archived snapshot of the same link: Opening and Meditating on Your Clairaudience Points

Yes, it works for people who can’t communicate with spirits at all (complete beginners).

Yes, it’s Joy of Satan’s website. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have SOME good information. What I linked works perfectly, in my opinion.


@AdamThoth congrats, this is extremely well explained in a technical style for once… I’ve always wondered why I heard random words or nonsensical sentences in my mind but maybe I got the answer in your post!

@Baal I’ll have to give that a try!


This site “has been permanently removedor deleted”
Its no longer available
Is thete another dite that explains the way this one was supposed to?

Yeah, I’ve tried to open the link as well and I get the whole it’s been deleted thing.

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@Blightwall & @Morgana9 this is an archive of that page: Opening and Meditating on Your Clairaudience Points

Please always flag a post using the “Something else” flag if you find a broken link on here to any site, I can often find the resources via another route. :+1:


How thoughtful thank you @Lady_Eva

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Aaahhhh!! Ok, learn something new erry day. Thanks eva

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Have you tried to make a sigil for communication with spirits?

Hhhhmmm it has crossed my mind but I havent given it much thought. There a general or specific sigil to use or are they inclusive to specific users?

I know indigo priestess made video about that.

I’ve always wondered if baptism from Christianity can fuck you up later on in life; and I’m talking willing baptism not of the water but of the spirit (though I had both). I had a vision dream before that of Lilith in a cave screaming NO and raging with lots of fire. Is that common for spirits to warn like that? It was an experience though and I met some nice people and stuff but in the end it wasn’t for me. I can say at least I’m not one who didn’t go that route. It still make me wonder if there can be a block. I only thought of that today even though I’ve been working harder and harder to channel Lucifer, Lilith, Samael and the four divine Prostitute (Lilith, Naamah, Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat bat Mahlat). I have to admit I don’t know of the other three all that much so I have to bone up and study more on them.

I can sense usually by heavy head pressure and uh… it makes me sleepy, so I go to dream time since that’s what I got to).

That first link though was very interesting.