Spirit Bottle

I trapped one or possibly two malevolent spirits in a crystal that were becoming more than entertaining in my home. I put the crystal in a bottle and corked it and sealed it.

My question is this: when the seal is broken, where will the spirits go? Will they attach to the opener and set up camp in their home, or shoot back here to be nuisances again at my place?

I’m planning on giving the bottle as a gift to an enemy so just wondered what to expect.

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It’s completely depends on the spirit. If it holds a grudge, or you didn’t properly bind it, it could very well come back to you.

Here’s a thread from another member who grappled with something similar though I think he forced the spirit into a binding agreement not to return:


It depends entirely on the spirit like @DarkestKnight said. If it holds a grudge or considers your house their home they may simply return if you don’t present a big enough threat to them or a permanent agreement. The spirit I contained opted into being captured on the grounds that she would eventually be released and not allowed to return to where I captured her.


Well, if you caught them once, you can do it again, so they may not bother to return with you. But I guess there is no guarantee that they will stay where you want them to.

Heh, I recently discovered that I had a stubborn parasite attached to me (I could feel it through smell), and my threats didn’t seem to push it away for long. Then I decided that I was going to catch it inside a box. I never really did it, because as soon as I bought the box, the thing disappeared for good. I guess he saw that my intentions were serious.

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We’re moving. Heh heh. It’s the new occupants problem if it returns. I planned on removing it FOR them, though they are unaware. I doubt it’ll follow me- like was said, I’ll just Box it up again. It was smart enough to know what I was planning, it got really vicious and bared fangs, then tried forcing actions, then remorse. This all happened to my girl as I was preparing; she sees the shit from peripheral, I just sense it. It tried to get nasty when I played the Latin on my phone I was preparing to speak. She saw two things-black smoke stream and black tornado, streak to my left hand, then disappear into my right holding the crystal. These out of the rooms in the back of my house, where it always likes to hang out.
My main concern is that it attaches to my enemy. It’s a peace offering.


You could do what the Japanese Onmyouji and some Taoists do and create a very powerful thoughtform that’s sole purpose is to devour other spirits, then feed those spirits to it. This is a very interesting concept, though since I’m rather new I haven’t tried this. But will most certainly someday.

Does the thoughtform live in the bottle? Or does it simply exist nearby like a familiar, feeding on the spirits I collect in the bottle/container?

I’m happy to announce that the spirit bottle is on its way to be collected by my enemy. I’m planning on grabbing a few more spirits, my girl says there are still some here. I can barely detect them so they must be incredibly weak. I have two more enemies in mind for gifts, minions of the enemy I spoke of.

Any ideas on how to strengthen them once I trap them? Other than giving them some of my power? I made a deal with the one i first captured-it gets freedom so long as it wreaks havoc on my enemy. Perhaps I should simply talk to them?

They usually keep them in a specially made wooden box. This is related to the Taoist practice of using wooden talismans, so you should look into that, I recommend books by Jerry Allan Johnson, his Daoist magic books that is, he also has medical Qi Gong books, which won’t teach you this.

As I understand it black magicians in China usually use them in exorcisms to empower them, they also go to places like bars or places frequented by junkies, so as to feed off those who are vulnerable. I don’t know much more I’m afraid. You should look into the Mao Shan sect.