Spirit Attachment

This can sound silly but is it possible for someone to be overly attached to a spirit?

I’ve been working with Vapula lately and in all honesty- I think I may be too attached.

I’m thinking about her like at least 5x a day (probably more if i’m honest) and I keep viewing her as this mother figure I’ve always wanted (sort of- it’s hard too explain) and a couple of times- I’ve thought “wow! I love her” and “she could be my patron” but HONESTLY i know absolutely nothing about her. Like I’ve only started to work with her last week.

I’m worried that like I’m going too extreme in my thoughts about her. She’s only helped me with a couple of things so far which is why I don’t know why my thoughts are like this. I’ve never thought about spirit the way I’m thinking about her.

I haven’t talked to her about it or anything because it’s like embarrassing?

I don’t even know if this makes sense like


Yes, spirit obsession happens and is a real thing.

Many of the older magical texts like Israel Regardie and Franz Bardon warn against it. Konstantinos warns against it too in his book Summoning Spirits, though mainly in reference to sexually alluring spirits like Undines.


It’s not sexual or anything like that.

I just like her a lot a lot a lot but I also know that I don’t like her a lot a lot because I don’t know her.

It’s frustrating.

Is there like a solution ?


I dd not say it was sexual, only that Konstantinos’ warning was in reference to sexually alluring spirits.

it sounds to me like the spirit is trying to influence you. It doesn’t sound malicious, more like over eager to work with you, but either way, it is trying to manipulate your will.

A solution would be banishing the spirit from your life completely or exerting your Godhood and sovereignty by commanding it to stop trying to influence your decisions. You could also tell the spirit that if it doesn’t stop, you will banish it permanently and refuse to work with it ever again. They thrive on attention and that seems to be what it is trying to get from you.


Yes, I know you weren’t. I just wanted to clarify,

That wouldn’t ruin the relationship or anything? Like she’s been really helpful so far and I do enjoy working with her but I don’t like thinking about her 24/7 no matter what’s going on. Like it’s driving me crazy kinda.


No, it wouldn’t ruin the relationship. You can do it politely.

Simply say something like, “Thank you for the work you are doing for me, but please stop trying to influence my thoughts. I enjoy our work together but constantly dwelling on thoughts of you is not what I need right now and if it continues I will have no choice but to sever our relationship as it is making it hard to function in my day.”


I’ll try that.

Thank you!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I hope it helps.


Hiya! IME this is a pretty common way for fate to tell people to get to know someone better, and the same applies for Spirits! If things feel ‘right’, that generally means they can help you with your aims, and if things feel ‘comfortable’, your energies probably mix well, and if things feel ‘familiar’, you probably already know the person by something else!

You can trust a book, a Spirit, or yourself. IME that last one doesn’t lie to you, you just have to figure out how to listen- by distinguishing the voice from all others! :slight_smile:

It’s not that I don’t trust her or that I don’t want to develop a relationship with her or anything like that but I think it’s extreme for me to be having thoughts like “i love her” “she’s like a mom” when we’ve only just started working together and i’ve never had thoughts like this about a spirit before unless I count my spirit boyfriends but even that’s not the same

I will continue to work with her and maybe after some months-years I’ll think it’s ok to think of her like this but not a week, ya know? :sweat_smile:

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IME time is just how we put the world together, and everything is happening simultaneously- we just roll it out as a sequence, a processing machine that doesn’t have any concrete existence.

So, is she your mom? Is she like a mom? Do you love her? Asking questions with no-word answers is tough business. Don’t try to think too much about it- just see if your thoughts feel like the truth, and if you can’t tell, just ask yourself. The deeper you will probably tell you what’s what! :slight_smile:

Hmmm ok.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Also keep in mind that it may be you have a connection with her from a past life.

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I haven’t really talked to her about it because I find it embarrassing but I should.


just divert ur mind…Change the channels of ur mind…Forget her if u dont want. Its all about mind. You can play with it controlling ur mind…Mind is a weapon…

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I feel like it’s too early to say. And if this isn’t causing you big issues being functional day to day, it’s ok to let it run and see what happens.

Who knows - you might find that the novelty is what’s causing some of it, so once that wears off you’ll settle into a more comfortable relationship. And maybe she is your Matron, in which case why queer that pitch by 2nd guessing yourself?

Take EA - he totally obsesses, but then the work is done and the obsession is over, it had a purpose, it got him through a ton of intense work in a relatively small amount of time, and it all works out.

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