Spirit attached to object?

So, out of pure curiosity I decided to buy an object that a spirit is supposedly bound to. I took bound as meaning that the spirit has a link to said object and not that it’s forcedly attached to an object energetically. I do remember one time, I did have a statue of a panther (I think I even briefly made a post here about it) that seemed to be “haunted”. Like I had it in my bedroom and at night would hear growling and I removed the dog from my room thinking it was him but still heard it and didn’t stop hearing it until I put that panther statue in a closet outside of my room and eventually got rid of it cause it creeped me out (I was young).

So, now, older, I decided to try and obtain another object of interest that would hopefully be connected to a spirit. I went on one of those online spirit stores and decided to purchase an object (it was cheap so I didn’t care) that would have the spirit bound to it. I figured when the object arrives I should be able to feel if there is anything different about it energetically from every other object I have.

Below is posted an image of the object and I want feedback to see if what I sense (won’t upfront right away though, will wait for input so I don’t influence what anyone else gets) is similar to what anyone finds. The “store” did give me a description of said spirit but I took that with a grain of salt and decided I would just find out myself when it arrived.

Here it is :slight_smile:

I thought the turtle was cute :slight_smile: The object is supposed to be a gemstone so that might influence it energetically… after input I will reply with my observations I initially had when opening up the package and taking a look at it.


I remember a post someone made about when they went to the mall for their bday and asked their Dad to buy a black cat statue.The op said the statue was haunted so they got rid of it. It would be so funny if you didn’t post that.

I did post that.


In my place we call it khodam, some spirit who bind to object or the keeper to help their keeper, of course you need give reward like incense or flower for their help.