An experience I had (few years ago) with a statue. Possibly had a spirit bound to it?

So this actually happened, I think on my 17th or 18th birthday it was (forgot which one). My father wanted to know what I wanted, and I told him I wanted something artistic, or nature related. Him, my sister, and I went to a mall that had an interesting store inside of it. It was full of Native American art, dreamcatchers and small animal sculptures/statues among other things. I was intrigued to say the least.

Dad said I could pick whatever ( 1 item of reasonable price) I wanted for my birthday. So I looked around and eventually saw this black big cat (panther or some other type?) with light yellow/green eyes that seemed to stare back at you. It was a sculpture or whatever you called it, height was about standing at just above the knees (I’m 5"4) and it had detail in it’s body (muscle, and fur like detail). It was in a sitting position. This cat had a “buy me” pulling effect to it whenever id look into the eyes specifically, they seemed alive.

So I told my father and we payed for this big cat peice of art statue. Brought it home. I put it in my room, on the opposite wall of my bed, and at first didn’t notice anything odd (besides the weird eyes) but then one night I, was in bed (was night time and everyone had settled in for the night) with my dog Larry in the room to sleep with me (he had his bed on the floor near my bed). I was getting ready for bed when I heard a low growling/grumbling sound in my room. I thought it was Larry, but will admit I was a bit creeped out. It didn’t sound “friendly”, and Larry was a friendly/goofy dog.

I ignored it, but then heard this sound again a little bit later…and I was kinda annoyed so I made Larry leave my room. Since I blamed him for this. Well sure enough later as I was trying to sleep, I heard it again. Sounded like it was in my room like before, I basically eyeballed the big cat and needless to say the cat got removed from my room as well into a closet in the hallway, and then later from the property. It seriously creeped me out.

Any thoughts?

Got lucky and found an exact copy picture of the statue from a Google search. It was indeed a panther statue and looked exactly like this.

The statue

If the cat did indeed have a spirit or something attached to it, that’s strange. The shop wasn’t an occult shop at all. The most it had was dream catchers, most everything else was Native American related (if I remember Egyptian and other stuff to) but they didn’t look like they knew or anything occult/spirit.

Although I doubt it’s the SAME one, the one I had…ended up being thrown out by my sister (I wasn’t aware until she told me).