Sperma.instead of blood

Have you use tat in pacts.? Reading a old magick book the author give 2 choices blood or sperm. Not talking sex. Here. But pacts seal whit sperm. Try tat bfre. Intersting point. Since all books are saliva, blood.

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It is possible, for sure. I prefer using blood personally, as it gives the intention of “I am willing to give some of my life for this” although I can see sperm doing something similiar. It would likely be something to discuss with the spirit and trust your gut on.


I have read mix saliva. Nlood, semen for love, sez etc but never pact whit lucifer whit sperm instead of blood
Cool things we knw here.

Sorceress Cagliastro talks about this. She ranks offerings with blood at the top. Semen is not as good as blood, but better than saliva.

That feels right intuitively, in the case of blood, you are giving your life force. With semen, you don’t need this to live, but sperm are alive and contain life force. Saliva might have a few living cells in it but for the most part is the same as using hair or nails, it’s a link but contains little life.

Being female I have no semen, and for mentrual blood I actually disagree with Cagliastro, I consider it as a dead and dying substance, not much better than saliva. Vaginal secretions are also just like saliva.

I just stick to blood. I enjoy bloodletting and I don’t feel the need to overcomplicate things.

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Amazing explain . Im male so i have not idea of females pov.