Spells not working anymore for me, why?

Why are my love spells literally not working anymore?! FOR NOBODY
I did so many love spells on this dude If they take effect later on when I forget about him Im screwed for life XD
Before I would do a small love spell without any demonic help and It worked so fast and well! I could make anyone fall in love with me. Now I tried as a test for another person a different guy and still didn’t work. What could the cause be? This blockage.
Because I really want to fix this blockage . I do magic since a long time but this never happened before…I used to do love spells for friends and worked perfectly fine!
and now I cant do nothing not even for myself =( HELP

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As I always say purify yourself ,you are a you items, then go for sometime a ritual not is enough you must keep doing such candle offering etc for days, it’s why authors say if faileepit again ,

More often than not, love magick doesn’t work. It’s the trickiest of all magick because it’s your will against someone else’s, and most of the time the operator is manifesting from a place of longing, desperation, or even obsession. So what manifests is more of that, instead of the actual goal.

Drop the love spells temporarily (at least for a month) and try to do spells and rituals to manifest something else that has nothing to do with love (I’d suggest something with clear, tangible results such as money).

If a few months pass by and you see no progress in that area either, then yes, there could be something wrong or some blockage. Otherwise, it means your magick is fine but either your target’s will is stronger than yours, your target might be 100% closed off to you, the spirits don’t see your wish being something reasonable or beneficial for you, or the method you’re using just doesn’t work well for you and you should try another.


When this kind of thing happens, it’s not a bad idea to turn to divination to look into the deeper flows of energy that you might not be aware of.

I pulled a card from the Quariea deck with the question “What is blocking Ionna Christina’s love spells”, and I got Temple of the Ancestors. If this is correct, and I didn’t mess up, the cards are telling you to look to your ancestors, spirit guides or something very old from the past. It’s something that is trying to teach or assist you in some way. This can be good or in this case is a hindrance: their goals are not always our goals. But something old from the past is at work. You don’t have to engage with it, but the answer is in the past.

I would suggest you do your own divination from here to verify or investigate it further, talk to your guides or entities that might have any insight or can help explain or even clear the old energy.


Thank you so much :pray:

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That was really humbling.

You answered your question already. You need to let go. Thinking of the spell work doesn’t help. You can use pheromones perfumes or attraction potions/ perfumes as well when you are meeting him