Spell to make it out of the friend zone?

I found myself in the friend zone and I would like to escape it. Any entities or spells that would be well suited to this?

Have you tried Lord chloroform? But on a serious note I’d suggest a manipulative spirit such as king paimon or sitri. You could also enter a possession with gremory if you’re the shy type. Of course if you’re powerful enough you could just control her mind yourself.


What would you mean by the shy type? What kind of energy does Gremory bring?

Shy as in he is shy, hence he has been friend zoned. Gremory is very confident and flirtatious hence is good for a possession when you’re shy or socially awkward.

Beleth not Paimon. Im sure Paimon is great because he can control thoughts. But that isnt the same as Love or Lust. Paimon is for thoughts. Beleth is for emotion, especially Love or Lust. Remember, emotions Precede all thoughts and so are what define actions and thoughts.

Beleth specializes in creating Love and Lust, and should be called upon to overcome all Antago isms (if for some reason the significant other does not like something about you).


[quote=“Zac, post:4, topic:8349”]Shy as in he is shy, hence he has been friend zoned. Gremory is very confident and flirtatious hence is good for a possession when you’re shy or socially awkward.[/quote] I have been shy but recently I’ve come out of my shell a lot. Sometimes I still get shy.


A male friend sent me an erotic dream about himself - it bypassed conscious screening and the feeling of attraction towards him lasted a few days, though I did nothing about it, for other reasons. But it made me see him in a new light, so that could be an effective technique?


One of the few ways to bypass the friend zone is like breaking free of the bondage that confines you to it. That way is pure primal Sexual Force. Direct your sexual force at them and keep it on them until you break them free of that which keeps them from being sexually liberated. When they “break” from sexual tension that means you broke their resistance and they are free to be their “true other self” =).

Your boundries and resistances define your relationships. Being a “sexual threat” requires a certain amount of applied pressure to generate a certain amount of resistance which flips the sexual switch. For those into Runes this is the Lesson of the Nyd/Nauthiz Rune also known as “needfire” or what I call burning with pleasure. I used that Rune actually to actually sexually bind a girls mind and it made her alot friendlier to me as I was playing with harsher energies…I just simply applied that rune and visualized it as sexual bondage games being applied to her magickally.


That’s very interesting. Would she know if you were doing that?

No. It was a low lrvel technique. I did it there with her in front of me, took only a few seconds.

If she knew magick would she know? If you werent right there?

Dont know. Its the same with all magick amd psycbic ability. It depends on your level of awareness. If I remember correctly, she was a run of the mill christian.

Ah …ok thank you :slight_smile:

It depends more on how well you hide it rather than what her abilities are.

I dont ever try to hide things or guage the others abilities. I prefer to be out in the open. What I call this is a “Command Presence.” Its less about doing weird rituals and spells amd is rather self-energy control amd direct Psi application.


Perpetual “Command Presence” is pretty dumb if you ask me. A lot of the times you need to play strategically and use your cards right to reach your goals - showing your muscles are usually very counter-intuitive, especially in anything involving magic and manipulation.

Not really. It works for me.

Well then I’d argue that your workings are usually working towards short-term goals, or are rather not consist of a lot of steps.

No my strategies are just different. Command Presence in terms of magick is all abiut Light Energy, vs the uotra loe frequency dark energy peopoe equate with shadow. Itnis alot riskier, but the reward potential is higher. Light energy in the form if Presence is all about being in the open and Demonstrating True value in some form, and it is about Dominance/leadership, etc. You are the one who leads, the one whi sets the pace behind the scenes or on the Front. There is no creeping around and being sneaky, because it is all about direct power.

Maybe you are talking about something else but going by standard definition of “sneaky”, I’d say being sneaky is extremely powerful tool to have and not something worth trading for “Muh direct puworzz!!!”. Heck, even simple-minded ape-style revenge curses are more effective if you are sneaky, usually.

I can’t understand rest of your post, seem like bunch of gibberish.