Spell to have the college experience

Anyone here know of a spell to have the ultimaye college experience do well academically have friends etc?

Hard work, I’m afraid, is what will go a long way. I wish there was a quick and magically wonderful way around it. But even with magick, nothing pays off without unadulterated hard work and experience.

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So, dude, how many times are you going to ask the same question over again?

You have made 27 topics, and they are almost all variations on the same theme, How can I get everything I want without doing any work? :roll_eyes:


Im willing to put in the work but I want a spell that puts me in the right direction.

First step in my opinion is to be more specific. That ^^^ is not specific enough for a good spell. What does “ultimate college experience” means to you? Write those down, and work on each goal with a separated spell.


Looks like what you need is the right mindset and not the right spell. Our thoughts are energy as well. A thought backed by feelings and emotions is as, if not more, powerful than any spell.

There are other things you can do to get into the right school, help with girls and friends. That would include evocation. However, the first thing I think you may need to do is reflect upon your mindset.


One spell? No. However, a lifetime of them with the right mindset, a good work ethic, a network of beings that give aid and an endless hunger can take you far.

Who do you suggest I evoke for academoc and career succes plus success with friends and women?

Even if you do the spells I feel like you’re gonna lust over results like crazy, since you look so desperate lol.