Go to dream school spell?

Is there a spell to get into your drean college? Let me know below.

It depends on a lot of factors.

Do you have the GPA necessary? Do you have the academic wherewithal to beat out the other applicants? Do you have the financial resources needed?

Magick can move the variables around, and can help overcome the odds, but the real world rules still apply. Magick will not create a miracle where you can get in to the school of your choice without the necessary requirements.

What exactly are you looking to influence? Knowing where you need to target your magick will help us to provide advice and suggestions.


Well, you have to look at all factors that influence on that wish, like said.

You can do magick for the impossible but probably the outcome will be unsatisfactory.

So do magick for what is out of reach. For example, work with Crocell to improve your ability of learning, Auns to give you the ability to write well, Seere to achieve more in less time and Vapula to make you an expert on any area of study and after that, get your ugly face on that books!

You can even call Murmus to remain calm in a stressful situation (in that case, the exam).

All these things look small at first, but when you look them all together you’ll see that they are the composure of success. And isn’t impossible at all but just out of reach things that together make the impossible, possible.

That is just an example so you have to study the best magick for your situation. But the fact is: you have to apply effort.

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My dad runs a college i wanna do magick to influence him sending me free

He can’t do that, and if he did he could land in jail for fraud.

If you want free or cheap college, look into applying to European Universities as a foreign student abroad, study in Ireland, Britain or another country. In Ireland I think come colleges give Foreign Students free tuition, in the UK it’s not free but cheaper, like $15k a year.


I will keep this in mind. Maybe work on my Harry Potter Accent =)

Oh don’t worry, people in the UK are rather fond of overseas accents these days… But don’t be shocked if they can’t tell the difference between American and Canadian :slight_smile: