Fulfilling social life spell

Lookomg to make friends my own age plus have a new girlfriend etc. Will be starting school when I move is there a spell to make my wildest dreams for this come true?

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Spell to make friends and get a girlfriend:
Brush your teeth regularly
shower properly,
wear clean clothes, style is your choice.
don’t act like an idiot. and calm down. Desperation is very off-putting.
Be yourself, a bit outgoing and sociable.

Should manifest some results within a week of arrival as long as you follow this spell exactly.



This.Also workout everyday.
First you need to take care of yourself in physical plane.

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No. Why are people so fixated on a single spell fixing shit. Even the best of spells require a solid background to work properly.
There’s plenty of spells and advice regarding getting a girlfriend on this forum however. Might want to check the “love, sex magick, relationships” category


I love your humor



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You need to be the embodiment of your spell, you are the master of your own destiny so make it happen. I liked @Sabbatius point because it was valid.
Have you defined what your wildest dreams are?

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aquire a small bottle of Neroli oil.

Write your name,
and what you just stated here,
onto a paper,
then take a drop of Neroli oil,
and cover your complete name with it.

Keep that Paper with you,
when you’re at school,
where you want to get the friends and girlfriend.

When at home,
place it under a candle,
next to your bed.

This spell will charge over time,
and get stronger,
the longer you use it.

When you burn a new candle on the Paper,
you add a drop of the Neroli oil,
and let it burn over night /( when you go to sleep).

Make sure,
there’s nothing next to the candle or under the candle,
that can catch fire,
especially since you’re charging it again and again.

Use either Red / Pink Colored Candles for it,
or white tea lights.

The tea lights will burn faster,
since they’re smaller,
but don’t have color.

If you can get pink tea light candles,
those would be perfect for it.

Make sure the Candle stands on a Metal Bowl or Plate,
just to really be sure nothing can catch fire,
since you’re sleeping for the most time of it’s burning.

When you’re in School,
and you notice whom you like the most,
write their names,
on the back of the paper you’re carrying with you during school.

Over time,
when you’ve used up a few candles,
and always anointed them with the oil,
the Spell will become permanent.

As if there never was extra magick needed to fuel those friendships.

that the power for this Spell,
comes out of you,
so when you feel hatred or resentful,
make a break,
and don’t light the Candle that day.
until you feel good again,
to cast another candle on it.

that the Spell will make you more attractive to those people you like.

Oh and should you use up the whole bottle (10 ml) of Neroli oil,
stop using it completely,
and either keep the paper with you,
or burn it and unleash the rest of the spell.

Regarding the other replies:

That one is really good,
and you should use it along with mine.

Kindest Regards,



Amazing as always.

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Thank you.

I just thought - so many of us would have loved to have access to the magick we use now,
so early in life.

So who would i be to deny it?

Such a simple Spell,
yet such impactful for the long run.

I know i certainly liked to go back and attain some of my powers earlier.

I’m looking forward to the success story he’s going to tell one day. :smiley:

Plus, he really phrased his question very well,
not the annoying way we so often see from inexpierienced people who’re looking for a “quick fix”,
so if someone deserved that answer, it’s him. :sunny:




Can I do this spell for someone ? Will it have the same effect for one of my children if I do it for them ? Thank you

That member is no longer part of the forum.

You’ll have to go with your best judgement

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If you click on his profile, you will see that he was banned.

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