Spell to get back lost love?

Hello, Im kinda new to magick and was wondering what the best option to get back a lost love is? A simple jarspell or something else? Do someone have a communication spell that works? Could I simply mix sugar water with mint and then hope for the person to call me?


I need a potent lovespell, preferly candlemagick, jarspell or boxspell that will work and not frightend the person.

Have you tried using the search function on the upper right of your screen?

There are a lot of threads dealing with this subject. it is one of the biggest topics on this forum.


Honestly, in most cases, I find it’s easier to just move on and find someone else. Trying to save a failed relationship is an uphill battle in any case, and while magick can make it easier to a degree if you are competent and skilled, all the effort spent could be instead used to better yourself and get someone better than your ‘ex’.

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Laughing gas and rope should do the trick.

(Yes this is a joke)


Silence is golden; gaffa tape is silver.

Pick one.

Hey, never said my pickup lines were ssubtle! :laughing:


Ether works pretty well.


Personally I would go with manifestation rather than magic to gain such a thing, it does work…

No contact rule, do not initiate ANYTHING, no calls , texts, messages nothing…

Daily send out unconditional love to that person, but you also have to love yourself to attract same…
Laws of attraction are powerful and do yield results.

Stay positive, feel in your heart and mind that this person is already with you…
Visualization and scripting …

Feel being with them, visualize what it is like to be with them…
Never use words like “Want” you put out to the Universe that you are in a state of want
Never use "lack or need’ as you are putting out that same vibe and it will be counter productive.

Feel confident that what you want has already happened, is in reality a “thing” …
Do not think linear, it is here, was here, had been here etc.

It may take a day, or a month but energetically it WILL happen.

When it comes to love, and this is just me. I would rather it be 100% real and you can affect that through what I stated above…
If you want just lust or sex sure spell away, but for true love you can manifest and bring it to you organically and not affect the others free will…

My best to you,