Spell to cut obsession

Hi everyone!

I really need your help with a problem, an obsession issue more precisely.

I have a boyfriend, we have been together for 4 years till now. I also have a crush on a ex co-worker who also has a girlfriend. I did not like him at first, almost despised the fact that he wanted to be surrounded by good looking girls.

After a while I discovered he is very nice to me and tooks my side in front of my boss (who is an idiot). I was chilly chill until I heard he will go to another work place. It was sad because I found out he was a lot like me. We seldom said the same thing in the same time, agreed to several topics, looked at each other and instantly understood what the other one felt. I have not seen him since the begining of March and I miss him a lot. I constantly fantasize about him ( sex, romance, even fighting with his gf) and I know this is not ok for all the parties involved.

I am finding reasons to write him, I was careful not to start romantic or sexual topics with him, he is acting nice but does not initiating any topic.

I did not perform any binding, love spell because I wanted this to be mutual.

I want to stop thinking about him, reaching to him, obsessing about him. If my relationship will end up with a brake-up I want to be something natural not because of a guy.

I would gladly appreciate any advice from you, guys!

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I don’t know about spells, but you need to just stop talking to him. Point blank period. It’s the only thing that got me to where I am now from how obsessed I used to be.

Don’t say anything to him. You can’t really fully control your thoughts, but you can control your actions. Let that man go and focus on your partner.

I’m not moralizing, I have the same problem. This is just what I do that helps me.

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Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate! I will try to do so, the most difficult part would be to control my thoughts, as I find difficult even to meditate or get rid of work anxiety. Another reason that I prefer to keep it simple and safe with spells.

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Done! Thanks and nice to meet you!