Spell Success and a persistent pipsqueak little antagonizer

I have a blog where I posted the success of a spell I cast on a person in direct response to a persistent, unwelcome and belligerent person who just loves (loved?) to grind my gears without any provocation. The full story is on my blog at Blogger.com. I haven’t yet figured out how to link it to this forum nor have I found a way to create a journal within the forum to document my successes, yet to be successes and failures.

I’ll try to be brief, but if you read my posts, I do tend to run long. Anyhoo…

This individual has a special knack for knowing how to press my buttons exactly when I do not need them to be pushed. They are convinced that everything they do is right, and beyond reproach. I finally had had enough and cast a spell calling for some sort of physical harm to come to them which would be just and appropriate to the harm they created within my peace.

I cast the spell initially for severe physical harm, but that quickly was reduced (both my myself and the universe) to simply include some sort of physical injury that would cause them pain and shut their god damn mouth for once.

So, it worked. And I must add that it does seem true that once one forgets as spell, it usually and does manifest.

The manifestation resulted in a fall to where his knee was hurt and he received a few scrapes. Yet he milked it for all he could (try to) get and I was satisfied with the result. Albeit, I had to hear his moaning and groaning- essentially a “oh poor me”., and I did nothing to help. I had had enough as I said, and for a few days, I didn’t have to hear his incessant blather about everything that was wrong, and that included everyone and everything was someone else’s fault. Does anyone know that type of person?

The one who cannot take responsibility for their own actions, or when things like their car breaks down for instance is because the manufacturer made a POS car??

Unfortunately, now things have returned to the unpleasant status quo and he is back to his games once again. I am left wondering if a spell of sewing his mouth shut, or simply punching him in the throat would accomplish the goal of just shutting this guy up!

I haven’t read anything about this type of baneful magick, but rather than take matters into my own hands, as I wish I could, but there would be the legal repercussions, I would like to cast a spell to just shut this guy up and keep his opinions, air of superiortiy demolished (although these type people usually have the lowest self esteem). I don’t know of any punch in the throat magick, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

Of course, he didn’t know that the injury was a manifestation of a spell cast on him by me, but I think now that, should it continue and ramp up in tempo and audacity which it inevitably will, perhaps I should unveil the truth.

Personally, I would not advocate that at all. I am not a violent person. However, a sleeping bear can only be poked so many times before all hell breaks loose.

Now why don’t I just remove myself from the crossing paths with this individual? Well, it’s in the works, and it will be a sudden, very shocking and rude awakening for this dude to come to terms with. But until then, I cross paths with them on a daily basis. Normally, I have thick skin and live by the adage of sticks and stones- man, whatever happened to that being taught??- but as I said, one has their limits and the line has been crossed. Unfortunately, it will continue to be crossed until I act.

I have intervened on numerous occasion on this matter, but even that and my spell’s manifestation has not yet yielded the results I desire which is simply peace!

To say I’m frustrated is an understatement. I obviously cannot just go and punch this guy, he would be like he little piggy who went “wee wee wee all the way” to the police department and I’d be charged with assault. No., I’m not going that route. But I do need to shut him up.

There are a few posts within the forum that give some advice, but nothing that would give me a path to follow to meet my end goal. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! That’s all I want! Is that too much to ask? Apparently, eloquence and reason do not work either. Using his own arguments back on him doesn’t work either, as he always has an excuse as to why it doesn’t apply to him. I am forced to hear it whenever I cross paths with this guy and the blood pressure in rising.

Oh well, I really just had to rant on this. Comments are always welcome, and if there is such a thing as a magickal punch in the throat which would last for weeks would be nice, but I am not that advanced in my practice. C’est la vie I suppose… ugh!


This is simple. Just go to the Journals section and create a new topic.You’ll find it the fourth down in the categories drop down menu on the main page.

There are many ways to silence your enemy. You can bind him. You can curse him. In the book Angels of Wrath there is a ritual to “Silence An Enemy.”

May I suggest coffin nails fastening a lock of their hair (preferably pulled by the root) to a cow’s tongue you have twisted; then incinerate the material as you command their silence however you are moved to do so.

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I’ll go back and finish reading the rest of the post, but I stopped here to add, ALWAYS move in silence Opto…always.

:point_up: THAT’S why you need to move in silence. Don’t give him any hints about what you’re doing…


So, a couple of day’s after my roomie’s spill, he had an auto accident, where he claim’s he had no idea that his insurance had lapsed (uh huh- really? :slight_smile: ) . A little bee flew in his car window and he knee-jerked his gas pedal right into the back of a car ahead of his by about 5 feet. The air pags blew, and now must deal with the Department of Public Safety aka the Po-Po,1) for causing an accident of which he admitted fault, 2) for not having insurance and 3) will be forced to pay at the very least a hefty fine which could also trigger a felony due to his lack of insurance. Its the gift that keeps on giving!

Am I sadist, well, it seems so, but in actuality I’m not inclined to that way of thinking, but in this particular case, I will shout it from the rooftops ( not really ) !! BTW what did the sadist say to the masochist ?? “No”! LOL

Once he called me telling me he had been in an accident, I felt great satisfaction, and an immense flow of power course through me. I created a servitor that day. And now working on the 2nd member of my court of servitors. While I am creating them, I am not simply not sitting back and waiting for their results, I have to play an active role in their lives to bring me the results I am looking for. While not directly connected to the spell I cast on my roommate, the servitor’s are being empowered with certain tasks, and I feed them daily.

I thought I’d throw that tidbit in to the post as it relates to my growing sense and feeling of power. Had it not been for what I am learning through E.A. Koetting, Tim, Michael W. Ford and others, I’d never have achieved this initial success. I am still a newbie in my eye’s, if for no other reason, I see the MASSIVE amount of growth I can ascend to. I was hesitant at first to even join the family here primarily due to fear of the unknown. But with such success as I have found thus far, I am digging in deep into my studies.

I am aware that there will be setbacks. Probably some serious one’s which will test my resolve. But once I have found something that is so full of works that inspire me to be better know myself, to better myself and to continue on the path I have now chosen. I often refer to myself as a “Left-Handed Catholic”. Well, that seem’s to be more and more true. I’ve found a “Universal Left Handed Path” to follow in belief and thus far, regardless of my wranglings of dealing with what I had been taught versus what I am finding to be a true path to success, power and peace. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

I am I worried about repercussion from my spell? While it is certainly possible that “something” may try to affect me, I have cast protection spells and the mental imagery suggested in other forum members s posts and writings. The is still a large learning curve ahead of me, I welcome the challenge’s ahead, and will meet them and beat them. Eve when it seems like I am facing the impossible, I know that " There IS a How to Every Impossible".

Take care beautiful family!

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