Spell for Fundraiser? Vet Emergency

My goal is to raise money for a vet emergency.

I’ve gotten $100 on it, but I’m aiming for about $1,000. It won’t cover everything, but it’s a big help. The question is how to do it. I’ve done a sigil and prayed to Hermes, the god of beggars. I also tried spreading it around social media with a cheap Facebook ad, but no go so far.

I’ve never had any real success with Bune, although I know she’s popular around here.

Basically, I’m open to suggestions. Any ideas?

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Please remove the go fund me link. It is against the rules of the forum to post it.

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Try Bune

Sorry to read about this, but I took the link out, you can place it in your profile if you want, but please don’t post it.

Mod hat off, do you have any spirits you’ve worked with successfully in the past, on anything?

If so, try approaching them and ask them to tell you (or send messages you will see and understand) as to what to do.



No worries, my friend :slight_smile:

bune is good, and there is no problem to try again

I’m here hang on let me read to see what’s going on. I want start with I am certified veterinary technician so let me see what’s up.

@DungeonMaster couple of questions what Species of animal? What’s the diagnosis?

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Species is dog. Diagnosis: hemangiosarcoma. We’ve basically got the cancer licked using GDF11, just need a way to pay for it.


I’ve tried approaching everyone I can think of, but no signs and no money coming in.

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What country are you in?

I wish I could help but then we’d have to allow fundraisers for people with sick kids, dying nanas, life-saving surgeries… it’s a hard world and a lot of people are hurting badly for money right now. So I can’t allow the link because then we’d have to permit it for everyone, I am so sorry. But I hope you get this sorted, and that happy miracles happen for you and your pooch. :heart_decoration:

Give this a try:

People have reported good results with it.

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