Speed healing

i broke my leg the other day and am looking for a way to heal faster. i am so utterly sick of this couch… any tips on how to heal faster so i can walk soon?

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It say the best person to ask for healing is Marbas
I’d gaze into his sigil and chant his enn( Renich tasa uberace biasa icar Marbas)
I’m and ask him for him to heal my injury and then burn it so it can be more effective, don’t forget to put on you while deep intentions :smile: good luck


don’t eat spinach or heavy does of iron. take calcium and vitamin d in decent amounts. also? right leg?

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Try evoking raphael


With all due respect, Telgega, Spinach is precisely the type of vitamin/ nutrient rich food that Dominus should be eating while healing (and other vitamin K1-rich foods, e.g., Kale, broccoli). Staying away from the usual suspects for any contra-health situation (sodium, sugars, alcohol, et. al.) will also assist Dominus in healing faster.

No disrespect intended, but unless you’re a properly educated, experienced healthcare professional, it is rather unwise for you to (attempt to) provide medical advice in any circumstance; but particularly on an internet forum. Even I have to be cautious about the manner in which I ‘advise’ in situations where I don’t have direct access to the patient or patient’s history.

Go well on your journey, and Be Well!


I am properly educated.

I was training to be a army medic. I have 7 years studying nutrition and am a certified physical trainer, also my father broke his heel, it fused to the side of his ankle.

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Son… you obviously didn’t check my profile. I am a teaching PHYSICIAN – and have been for over 25 years. You gave absolutely incorrect, erroneous advice. I tried to be polite about it.

neither qualifies as properly educated nor experienced in medicine and the practice thereof.

And your father ‘breaking his heel’ isn’t exactly sufficient in the way of case studies to make up for your lack of medical training and experience. (I played varsity Rugby, and have suffered enough of my own fractures to write a textbook on the subject. This, however, is beside the point.)

Go well, and Be Well!


In any case…

Dominus. Is it your right tibia. The inner bone below the knee cap?

left femur and ankle.

Telgega is our resident healer sir his creditionals speak for them self @MVS


I can’t even feel it. It’s like a empty space…that’s weird

Consider bone broth with your meals. From beef bones u can let them set in water and apple cider vinegar.

Reduce your intake of unfermend grains seeds and take no prossessed suger. Those things can pull minerals from the bones. Also take cod fish liver oil and rest the leg as much as u can

Read the 2 posts immediately prior to (directly above) yours, Riseordie, between Telgega and Dominus. The timing of your reply to me couldn’t have been funnier if it had been scripted.

Yes, ‘speaking’ quite loudly, indeed. [And uncertain as to whom you include in ‘Our’, but it’s rather unlikely that you speak for the entire forum community.]

On a separate note… what ‘interesting’ fractures… so far apart. ‘thigh’ and ‘ankle’.

Go well on your journey, and Be Well!

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In all honesty, what’s the point in arguing credentials​? Just give the advice.

I’ll send Raphael. Maybe Gabriel too.


:joy::joy::joy::joy:i was about to say that!!

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I had hoped BALG was free from the normal internet bickering, but nope :joy:


No place is free from it honestly.


I know this might sound wierd but talk to your physician about the benefits of electro magnets and copper.

I have no objection to yeilding to someone of better knowledge. My only statement was that spinach has been stated to cause bones to heal incorrectly. This happened to my father.

I made the suggestion because I didn’t want him to risk the same fate

In any case. Dominus healing is the important subject.


Don’t go messing with our white mage😑 lol. I’m just messing. But telgegas had a lot of success.