Specific questions about the theta/gamma excercise given in Omnipotence course

So I’m showing myself as complete newb but I’m having trouble with the first exercise and getting into the theta-gamma state.

For the first exercise of the omnipotence program and the exercise to practice getting into the theta gamma state E.A. says you have to pull your vision back and make your vision blur. I have been having trouble with this part. I can’t seem to be able to pull my vision back. I’ve been trying to cross my eyes, blur my vision in all kinds of ways but I can’t seem to hold it for too long and my eyes feel all wonky afterwards. I’ve also tried looking with my peripheral vision but this doesn’t really blur my vision. So, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I don’t want to switch techniques until I’ve really given this one a try but I know I’m not getting it right in the first place. Any tips?

Also does my mind have to be completely quiet?

So far I’ve been doing the first exercise (subjective synthesis) twice a day 5-10mins and the second one (t/G sync) for 20 mins but most of this time is spent just trying to pull my vision back and wondering if I’m doing this right. I watched section 9 where EA talks some more about T/G and I’m amazed how he can go into in just seconds. He literally snaps his fingers and he’s there.

I looked up the guy EA mentions and here is a quote from him: “The Morph is for everyone. […] There is a trick to seeing it, you need to be in a darken room with no direct light and you have to be relaxed then you put your attention on the opposite wall and a second or so later bring your attention back towards you so you are focusing on the middle distance between the wall and you, and gradually you will see it.” So it seems to me being able to adjust your vision is a key point to T/G sync but I’m not getting it.

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The way I took it was instead of looking where the ceiling and wall meet look at the empty air slightly away from the wall if that makes sense.

Yes, I understand. That’s what pull your vision back means, however no blurriness of the vision is happening for me unless I try to purposely do it and which then only make my eyes tired. Anyway, I suppose there is no helping it. I’m simply going to have to keep on trying. Thanks for replying.

I’m sure he said to pull your vision back until the line where the ceiling and the wall meet blurs to where you you can’t see where they meet. Not that your vision is going to be blurry. That’s only an indicator that you’ve just made it into that state. Hope this helps.

You can pull your vision back, trust me. I’ve found that if I stare at the angle for long enough, my vision will go blurry, then I have to refocus and focus on that blurriness. It’s very hard to get it, but once you get it you can definitely tell!

I know this may sound very annoying and extremely vague, but here’s some more advice:

Instead of focusing so hard on the Sync, go into the rituals with your heart in hand. Throw yourself at the wind. You’ll find the Sync much easier to attain during rituals.

Final tidbit: Don’t worry so much about it that it stops you from continuing. Keep going with the course and do the Scrying exercises (which help with the Sync) and then go on with the Evocation. DO NOT LET A SMALL ROADBLOCK STOP YOU ON YOUR ASCENT. Just keep rollin’ man.

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Really good advice WP.

The only thing I can say about it is RELAX. The more you try the harder it is, the more you focus on trying to stay in the sync the harder it is to keep it. Just let it happen. Relax yourself and your vision, and you will gradually slip into the sync. It took me a long time to figure that out and it seems like common sense but you’d be surprised how easily we can turn a relaxation based exercise into stressed out mess.

Do you ever daydream or find yourself staring out at nothing in particular? That’s the kind of gaze you want. Maybe try gazing out your window or over a large distance first. After a while you should start to feel yourself naturally slipping in as your eyes aren’t trying to fixate on anything specific. Once familiarised you can replicate that gaze even if there’s a wall 2-feet in front of you.
The mind will naturally quieten the more relaxed yet attentive you become.

Alright I’ll going to try you guys’ suggestions and try to be more relaxed about this.

PyreOD, I daydream a lot the problem is I go into my head and sort of lose awareness around me. I get the staring into space part but I’d really need to focus in order not to fall asleep which is usually what happens. You suggested something here: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/new-magician-help/some-questions-regarding-theta-gamma/ that I want to try out.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I definitely wasn’t going to give up. I think EA story about when her was a teen was really encouraging because back then he was just a beginner but was able to get results without going into sync.

I’m also new. I was wondering if there was a printed version of the incantations E.A. gives in section 3 of the mastering evocation. I know he said it was written in the book of Azazel but, unfortunately I do not have that book… Also I cant help but think, these practices would help attain the Theta Gamma Sync (TGS).

the first one which i used:
alash tad alash tal ashtu

Perfect. Thanks, Chief. You wouldn’t happen to know the second One?

sun scope,

Excellent. Thank You, Avelin.
Pg. 48 of the work book. For anyone else interested.

Try prolomging the time up to 35 mins, I deepen the trance once I pass the 30 mins, everybody is different

Don’t over think it too much, you need to learn to let go and let it happen. Once you are able to do this it happens naturally; and once you get there it is easier to recall yourself to that state just by remembering the feeling of what you felt while in it.

If you have a motorcycle, here is an exercise I used to learn to focus on nothing and everything at the same time. Take that bike down the highway at over 100 miles per hour while there are cars on it as well (not too many, this is not an exercise in suicide). You will at that point come to a complete calm, you have no choice, and you will become very aware of EVERYTHING around you. Your focus will not be on any one thing, it will be on everything, yet in a relaxed way. This is the feeling I recall, and it only takes a few seconds, and the theta/ gamma state slides right into place immediately after.

This is just advice on how I learned to get into this state. Take it for what you will or discard it.

if you’ve ever heard of dr.paul scheele’s course photoreading whole mind system, he has what he calls photofocus state. basically, photofocus state is where you change the point of your vision to focus or defocus your eyes either in front of an object, or behind it. it takes a little bit of lateral thinking to understand the idea but when you get the idea you’ll realize that all you are doing is putting your vision on ONE point in 3D space and holding it there instead of looking directly at an object.

here are some of the exercises that are used to get photofocus:

i. holding your hands up in front of your eyes, you point your two index fingers at each other. push your fingers slowly toward each other while looking BETWEEN your two fingers at the far wall or off into the distance. if you do this properly, as you push your fingers together you will begin to see a circle in between them. if you keep pushing your fingers together the ball will elongate and look like a cocktail wiener. then breathe deeply for 10 to 20 minutes while holding that vision in front of you.

ii. window eleven: put a piece of black tape vertically on one of your windows. then look THROUGH the tape out the window at an object in the distance off on the horizon. the tape will diverge and it will look like an 11. the further you look the further apart the lines will be. then breathe deeply for 10 to 20 minutes while holding that 11 in front of you.

the trick for doing those two exercises is not to stare DIRECTLY at the closer object, but look at the FAR object and just kind of NOTICE the diverging closer object.

when you get that down you’ll be ready to flip it around. erik’s eye exercise is the opposite of the photofocus technique. instead of looking at the FURTHER object, you look at a CLOSER object. when you do photofocus, you see two of the object in front and the object behind is going to be clear. when you do theta-gamma sync you look at the object in front of you clearly. then you breathe carefully while NOTICING but NOT LOOKING DIRECTLY AT the two blurry objects in back of the point in midair you are looking at. as you breathe and relax into that vision, you go into theta-gamma sync.

here are a couple of t-g sync exercises that are kind of like the ones i gave above but for t-g:

iii. hold one of your thumbs out at arm’s length and the other one about 4 or 5 inches away from your face. when you look at the further one the closer one will be double vision. then switch your vision to the one in front of you and the further one will be blurry and double vision. hold your focus on your closer thumb for about 10 minutes while you breathe. then take away your closer thumb and continue to stare in midair where it was. the further thumb will appear double and blurry if you don’t look directly at it but notice it peripherally. hold that vision and breathe for 20 minutes. you’ll go into t-g sync from there.

iv. for the exercise where you look at the corner of a wall, to train to do it properly, take a pencil or pen and hold it out at arm’s length. then look through the pencil or pen at the wall. you’ll see the pen(cil) diverge into two. now focus BACK on the pen(cil) and notice how the pencil is sharp and the wall is blurry? THAT is the t-g sync you want. hold that vision for 10 to 15 minutes and breathe. when you’re ready, take the pen(cil) away and look at the point in midair where the pen(cil) was. the wall should be blurry and double vision. hold your vision on the point in midair and breathe deeply for 20 minutes and you’ll go into t-g sync.

v. if you are having trouble with the exercise above, it might be because you have bad eyesight. there is an exercise in lisette scholl’s book visionetics called eye fusion that can give you t-g sync while strengthening your eyes. to do it, take a string and tie it to something near or on the wall or in the corner. then pull the string across the room and hold it on the bridge of your nose. look down the length of the string from your nose to the wall or corner. as you look up and down the length of the string it will form a V when you look at your nose, an X as you look along the length of the string, and a Λ as you look at the end that is on the wall. look at the point on the string where you see the X, it’ll be in midair between objects. that is the area you want to look. hold that area and breathe deeply for 20 minutes and you will get your t-g sync. later on you can take away the string and practice looking there without the string like in exercise iv. above and you’ll get it without the string using a pen(cil), then with nothing at all.

hopefully that explains t-g sync in a way that lets you get the idea. it’s kind of complicated to talk about but when you get it you’ll be able to do it pretty quickly.

if you STILL have problems getting the t-g sync, you might want to do work to develop magical trance which is different from hypnotic trance, it’s deeper and of a different quality. the nazi psychiatrist johannes schultz developed autogenic training as a modern yoga for the goering institute in the 1930s and 40s. autogenic training is perfect for developing magical states and lends itself very well to doing evocation work like the kind in the omnipotence course. you may want to read this thread on the board (http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/new-magician-help/still-strugging-with-theta-gamma-sync/). i have given two autogenic training exercises (scanning and phrases) there that will get you into t-g sync in about 4 to 7 weeks if you do it daily.

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great reference Wright, as I worked with PR (Learning Str) previously… I’d just add two bits: that is for the Theta State (which is a step to Theta with Gamma spikes, and then the two combo and Synch resulting in Th-G synch… and then from there it develops… physio state- Enviro shift- etc.)

another thread touching on this I'd just commented related to that part

Second, in addition to the great drills you listed- I didn’t see you mention the “imaginary grapefruit” on the top-back of the head (which was the baseline first I learned in PR, and if it clicks works great, if doesn’t make sense, then might not)… but first could use a fist (or an actual fruit) and touch and then just behind- above (like on the back brim of a hat)… feel-know it is there seems to shift visual focus (more so) but also attn.

I found a big part s the eyes in PR (visual focus, vs more the Theta state- big issue being “receiving” state of mind, know it is going in and being stored, but not Explicitly),. I commented upon the impact of occular alignment (either or both eyes being off side-to-side aligned) in another forum thread…

In regards to techniques stimulating certain EEG brain states (Th vs A vs G) …
also having a BrainReader (EEG displaying graphically on the screen- both realtime, but also see the graph after) at a training… so we could put on and go into PR (PhotoReading) state and then look and see Strong Theta (without a strong relaxation- just grapefruit focus and look at pages seeing L & R all 4 corners of “whitespace”… and boom)…

To Contrast: and then try sit relax, let go muscles, think nice thoughts, release eyes, or look up with eyes… none of those caused a strong Theta level on the EEG (in that experience with that set of sensors- as we worked with it).

(note many of the older books are from early EEG in which any tension in forehead “muscles” stimulated the Nerve-readers in that area… even tilting the head, let alone jaw tension, triggered signals. so the relax was to Clear the EGG signal)

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you know what, you’re right. the grapefruit exercise is EXACTLY what you do when you pull back your perspective. that’s how you get the intent, it’s almost like you step out of yourself and literally stand behind yourself. for those who don’t know what the grapefruit technique is, it is drawing your sight back so far into your own mind that you end up feeling like you are standing behind yourself and looking at the object from a vantage point about six inches behind you and another six inches above the crown of your head. paul said that in ancient times that is the meaning of the wizard’s cap, wizards in days of old would move the vantage point of their vision to the very point of their cap and from there go into magickal state.

for those who have not heard of the grapefruit technique or don’t understand how it works, the best way to explain it is, imagine you are standing in line behind someone who is a head shorter than you, and you are looking at something and describing it to them, but it turns out that the shorter person is also you.

to do the grapefruit technique, take one of your fists and put it on the crown of your head, and imagine that a grapefruit is glued to the back of your head. then you imagine your eyes are on the grapefruit and you are looking at the world from that point of view instead of from your own head. that is the grapefruit in a nutshell, at least to my understanding of the technique, it’s a little different description to other photoreaders.

paul and wim wenger’s exercises are SUPER occult-friendly. there are times when i wonder if he is asatruar because he does a lot of trainings in germany and i know he has quite a few metaphysicians in his trainings and in his organization. i’m nearsighted so i had to spend almost two years working on the vision exercises to get them just right. during that time i photoread a LOT and some very heavy material (the first book i photoread during the dictionary exercise was the microsoft encarta dictionary, the book version - that was for practice - something like 1900 pages!). when i finally got my pr vision working the way i wanted it, i noticed that my calibration was extremely sharp after pr and activation and i got to the point where just shifting my focus i could almost see energy moving between people, it was like watching oceans of energy and light floating between people moving in crowds and lights floating above and around certain people, not everybody but certain people just lit up a little more than others. it shocked me actually because i didn’t expect that.

another thing is that in photoreading, paul doesn’t limit your vision to just originating from inside of your head. his views on vision are almost like being a director with a lot of different cameras at different angles where you have your eyes cutting from one camera to another. it’s a completely different way of thinking about vision because we are so used to only having one vantage point for vision, from our eyes. in the pr system that cut-to-camera vision idea works very well for storing HUGE amounts of information because it forces zero-point concentration and moments of void meditation - when used esoterically it helps a lot for getting outside of your own head.

in the version of photoreading i got (back in 2000) paul strongly recommended learning autogenic training. i went and got the book he recommended by kai kermani and did that for years. i even recorded the exercises and i used to run my cd’s daily - they gave some of the deepest trance states i have ever been in. at one point in my life i used to stay up for 3 and 4 days at a time and instead of sleeping i’d do autogenic training and even though i was in trance and could feel it physically that i had been up for nights at a time, i had the feeling of a full night’s sleep and wasn’t tired. autogenic training is easily the best hypnotic training i have ever been involved with and i swear by it. i’m only now beginning to realize that it is also EXCELLENT magickal training as well. kermani’s book has a few fool traps and gotchas put in it, but if you can spot and reverse them (they’re not hard to find), his book makes a damn good grimoire for training magicians. no wonder hans welz took the training and made it esoteric, it fits perfectly.

this weekend i thought long and hard about my next steps in the mastering evocation course and all of that old pr information came back to me. i realized that the info paul scheele and wim wenger taught me a decade ago was going to be very important for learning evocation so i’ve been reviewing it a lot these last few days. i wouldn’t be surprised if wim’s creative problem-solving techniques from project renaissance (http://www.winwenger.com/untapped.htm) come in handy in mastering evocation and mastering divination - they are a perfect dovetail to what ea is doing. double entry aha method, win/win finder, and high thinktank are perfect for divination. over-the-wall is exactly like autogenic training’s pathworking exercise. imagestreaming/windtunneling with freenoting would be perfect for capturing info in evocations. borrowed genius can be extended to possession rites. a lot of great resources there to be made into practical esoteric work if anyone has the time and inclination to take the info and make it solid and workable, it’s all there waiting to be used

i can see how that would be helpful for training the grapefruit. you have a machine to measure your state and that strong confirmation bias lets you know you’re going into state. from there getting the state is just a matter of time and practice. i’ve never worked with a biofeedback machine before but i’ve always wanted to, they are very useful for getting into hypnotic states. from the hypnotic state a movement into magickal trance would be a lot easier

good stuff!

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Hey there folks, quick update. I didn’t want to write anything until I got some semblance of progress and it has been slow because I’ve been having some major insomnia.

I have to thank the fool for the tips he gave. I tried exercise iv and for a while and now I’m able to pull back my vision without any help at all.

However, last night I tried pulling back my vision and deep breathing with the intention. My goal was to do 30 mins of meditation this way or until I start seeing the static rain or some other symptom of trance. Unfortunately I ran into the problem of not being able to concentrate on keeping my eyes fixed and deep breathing. I know it sounds silly, that I can’t breathe and gaze at the same time but I was trying to breath on a 4 second count and trying keep my vision fixed on an imaginary point in between the wall and myself. My focus seems to flicker between one or the other task and whats worst I can’t keep my head quite.

The summer almost over and I should be getting back into a routine so my insomnia won’t be a problem. Meditation should be easier when I’m not dead tired all the time. Accomplishing the eye pull back thing has given me a morale boost and I’m going to keep working on the deep breathing/meditation part.

I’ve been searching the web about what puts people into trance and I was thinking that the technique that EA gives in section 4 of the program is a bit similar to the eye fixation technique that some hypnotherapists use. What do you think? I’ve also been wondering how come no one else talks about the static rain. (It could be that its simply called something else.) So, I’m wondering if the T/G state is actually a rare state that most meditators or hypnosis patients don’t actually get into. I mean if this was a common state then wouldn’t you hear Buddhist talk about seeing demons and gods all the time? Some of the higher level meditators might see them but that’s after years of meditation right?

Anyway, now I’m off to do some more research and practice. Thanks for all the help you guys!

One more thing to clarify. When I say the TG state seems to be a rare state. I meant that the average meditator probably does not get into this state every time he meditates simply because what you need to do to get into the TG state is something a little different than simply meditation. What I’d like to do is find out the specific conditions you need get into a TG state and maximize those conditions so that its easier and I don’t have to spend months or years meditating.