Speaking Demonic Tongues on Video?

I thought about making videos allowing my demon to speak publicly like the light language bitches do, but from the greater Darkness instead. Would anyone be interesting in that? I can do hard core demonic incarnations too.


I would like to hear that.

Would you be okay with me getting the audio and trying to analize it? I’m just fascinated with the human voice. If you don’t like it, that’s okay, of course.

I thought about posting it on YouTube. Its shame there isn’t any real or a lot of dark language on there like that light shit.


To be honest, I’m just learning that exists right now. But hey, give me some credit, a few months ago I didn’t know the first thing about magic.

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What would you like to hear? My demon is down for it.


I really don’t know the first thing. Anything would be interesting for me.

You need help with anything. I was thinking of doing a video for other member then. Get back a lover.

I need help with a lot of things, money, quit smoking, etc, etc, etc. But I’m really intrigued about the whole concept and want to learn more, so if you do the video for the other member, I would like to analize the sound on that, it is okay for me.

Thank you for letting me do it. I kind of have a thing for sound ever since I was a kid and used to hear people calling my name when I was alone.

I had heard the Light tongue in my works and spoke it and created incantacions on my anti transmigration process, when working with source.

The Light tongue is the tongue of satnam, when speaking it it changes the path of everything that is bond into it.

My throat is not feeling great. Here is just an example of different languages and different species that I personally incarnated into. When I am feeling better and can focus I can make a better one.


I was planning on doing that but I dont itd be recieved well by yhe masses.

I listened to this video twice just to make sure but I definitely felt something up with my body both the first and second time listening to it.


It sounds complex

I would love to hear something from the “dark side” so to speak. @Micah and others that used to be on here used to get demonic language from the spirits, Fastos and Meton, but I haven’t heard anything since. There is a book from one of BALG’s authors, Enoch Pertrully, about the demonic tongue.

So, yes let us hear some “dark language.” Instead of just that “light language” and that JCI “Holy Spirit” babble that happens in the “spirit-filled” evangelical churches.

This has the cadence of language. Mostly. If we draw the energy in any sound editor, it would kind of match up with the normal speaking language, but I think there is something lost, like entire words.

Also, this doesn’t look like different languages. Maybe different dialects of one language, but the same patterns reapeat over and over.

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Not to get off topic but if people are interested I speak in tongues and practice glossolalia. We could have fun with this, though ill probably upload someplace other than youtube. Somewhere audio only.

Edit: its decided i will do it. Upload to this topic or create my own?

Go for it!

i dont work with chakras, but I feel things through my spine often - middle, upper, but this made the lower portion resonate in a way ive never actually felt before. lmao it was so unexpected. thank you!

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I recorded a lot but this is the only one they felt satisfied having me post. Turns out they dont like randos online hearing their words! Big surprise.

Not sure whats being said here. Theyre repeating themselves a lot. Ill try to record more in the future. I need more to work with than just spitting random sentences though lol! Some sort of prompt about what to talk about.

I hear a similar voice. Could you maybe do a video of incantations? The voice/language I hear has similar words to the incantations that e.a posted for manifesting unlimited power.