Sources of practical Qliphothic and Luciferian work

Hello… I am fairly new, and have been practicing several workings a day since May as a part of the Temple of Ascending Flame introductory, pre-initiate coursework.

I have read some great references about the energies of the Qliphoth and of Draconian and Luciferian magic. For example, I splurged on a copy of Asenath Mason’s Qliphothic Trilogy, which includes extensive analysis of the various masks of each of the entities associated with each Qlipha and the pathways between them.

What’s missing for me are some examples of how to proceed. I learn by doing, and I need some concrete places to start, which I can then build upon in terms of application of what I have learned.

I’m seeking books that are made up of and/or include examples/rituals, what to do, what not to do kind of basic stuff for Luciferian and Qliphothic magic. The blizzard of books out there seems to include a lot of anthologies, which may or may not include any practical examples, and for some authors, the same information packaged in various books published over time.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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You might like to check out the Tutorials thread…

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Wow, this is awesome. Thank you.

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“Begining Draconian magic” by Mason is a good start and includes rituals and a lot of explanation in regards to who certain things are done.

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I bought the Draconian Ritual Book, which is very good. I believe that’s the new name for that book. Thanks for the reply!

Edgar Kerval has excellent books on qliphothic workings

Then you have the material you need to begin.

There is also material on the temples page.

The thing is that it takes time and you will have to learn a lot of theory to understand things that comes later.

Heres the thing, you will be entering a iniatory path wich will use the gnosis that they themself have recived and using material from other sources rather then the ones laid out by the temple itself can be counter productive as certain things have laid up to certain ideas being used.

I am beginning to understand how to do the work.

Research the beginning Qlipha, which is called Lilith, and is presided over by Lilith’s sister Naamah. Ask myself what I relate to in what I have learned, and start there. What strikes me about what I have learned? What calls to me in it?

Invoke the energies of the beginning Qlipha (singular of Qliphoth), contacting the Goddess or God associated with it, and creating a relationship with them. I can perform Invocations and Pathworking from books and ones that I create. I can do this every few days, or whatever seems right. Days off from rituals are for assimilating energies of transformation, experiencing possession, etc.

Be ready and open for these and also unexpected areas to be enlarged and transformed in myself… I may be challenged in ways I can’t even conceive of once I open myself to the energies.

After 11 weeks of practicing several rituals a day, and the intention to begin Qliphoth work, I have had a huge emotional crisis for the last few days in which much of what blocks me has been removed, and I am already on a new footing. I wrote spontaneous invocations, invoking Lucifer and other gods I relate to to help me with this work, and hellish immobility was blasted to pieces. This is the type of challenging transformation I have heard of and expect. It is what I want and I am thrilled. It is uncomfortable as hell, but it is worth it.