Soundtrack of your Circle

Whenever I practice, especially if it is a Minor Working, I find myself hunting music to put me in the mood (recently I broke down and listened to a Connie Francis playlist! Bonus points if you get the reference) and though nothing can describe the sound of wind caressing the tree tops at 3 a.m., or the roar of a bonfire while you feed it: what are some of the genres that put you in the mood for magick? Give me artists, give me movies and TV shows’ soundtracks, give me instruments;

If your sorcery were a show, what would play as you chimed the bell, opened the book, and lit the candle?

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We already have half a dozen music threads, at least a couple of which are music for ritual or occult related. Have you tried doing a search?

Honestly, a very brief one, and I’ll tell you why I reiterated an overdone topic in lieu of similar threads:

I wanted for people to think of their pathworking in terms of a soundtrack, as if their lives and practice in particular were the subject of a television show or movie. Not just ‘Oh, I like so-and-so’ or ‘Loreena McKennit’s awesome for bubble baths’ or ‘Taiko drums put me in the mood to be ceremonial’.

Let’s get some actual playlists on here, something that could viably be worked into the soundtrack of your craft.

The scope was broad and ill-defined, on top of being overdone, and I’ll own that. And I wanted to post a topic, and music was the first thing that popped in my head, and I’ll own that, too.

I see what you mean, but if I use music at all it’s to aid getting into Theta Gamma State. Any music with a melody or a beat that’s not that frequency is more likely to disrupt the trance state and be counterproductive.

I often start with shamanic journey drumming, and then turn if off in favour of silence. It’s also possible to hear music from the subtle realms, and I’d hate to have that drowned out by earthly music.


Really depends on what I’m working on. If I use music it matches my mood and intent , some songs I use often and others I do not. Just depends on how I related to the words.

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Cant work with music…radio static or noise can be used…but never loud…I listen to music wherever i go, or just doing mundane shit, so the silence or lack of music serves to exit the mundane space to the spiritual (hate that erm but cant find one better) .

Will create music to enhance things that were casted for though.

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Can totally empathize with the absence of music triggering an exit to the mundane; especially since music itself has become such an integral part of every day life.

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What about instrumentals? Do you find it easier to work with instrumental music? Something I have really started using during meditation is switching over to classical music as opposed to the normal rock and roll I listen to during other parts of the day.

Music then acting as a catalyst and becoming unnecessary as you await the outcome.

When I’m doing busy work preparing for something larger, or working on something that will be integrated into a whole, I listen to music, and then once the grater undertaking begins, switch it off.

A lot of people use binaural beats, asmr and meditation music for the same effect - using the beat to help train the frequency of your brain waves.

I mean, I do use songs on repeat - the aim being to use the energy - the heart - of the song to feed into an emotion-based working, and get into trance despite it. But it has to be on repeat so I stop listening to it for it’s own sake. Takes longer to do the working but gives good results.

I wouldn’t call it a playlist as such.

Examples of this are (all yt so you can put them on loop):
Dark Ambient that lasts couple of hours (Cryochamber, Iron Cthulu Apocalypse do great mixes)
E.g. this one at 4Hz is perfect:

Songs with actual melodies:
Seo Linn - Óró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile (“Welcome home” - this is for empire building)
Three Days Grace: I don’t Care (For releasing unwanted attachments)
Lord of the Lost: Voodoo Doll (For breaking curses)
Omnia - Morrigan (For going to war)
Omnia - Alive (For cultivating a lot of high energy)
Agonoize - Bis Das Blut Gefriert (“Until the blood freezes” - baneful workings [mostly for the energy and the line ‘god hates you too’])

The most successful was the one with Omnia - Morrigan where I was pacing for 2 hours while deep in my mind and high on this song.

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Eh I’ve been known to use single drums for journeys, but not outside of that.

I’m similar to maulbeere in using it to aid with pushing or pulling energy generally, and when the Way I relate To the words match my workings it seems to really push my intent along. I’ve never been much of an instrumental girl, despite being a band geek. I prefer a cappella to instrumental any day of the week.

I don’t however need time to zone out on it. Hearing the words and getting deep into it while sending energy is something that works well for me. On the flip side tuning out the words to inapplicable songs as the playlist continues doesn’t bother me. But imma mom so tuning out is something I’m great at. In the worst when I’m reading too. I’ll become fully immersed in the story and not hear anything around me.

Thanks so much for the tracks; definitely gonna check them out! This was the sort of post I was hoping to generate, and I appreciate you seeing through my muddled statement and rendering this.

Its interesting what you said about songs on repeat; hindsight being 20/20 and all that. One of my first purely devotional interactions with La Santissima Muerte were using this method, and the results were spectacular, if not even specifically directed at anything other than ‘flexing muscle’.

I use a lot of the videos made by the Youtube channel - Satania.

Very powerful and well made ritual music.

When I did a rite for the coronavirus I played “Bat out of Hell”, heh heh.

This is my fav at the moment. Deep dark cello -