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I have a question for you! (yes you, behind the screen :wink:)

What is everyone’s take on soulmates? Is it complete BS to make lonely people feel better hoping for true love? Is it parts of a soul that have been broken between multiple bodies?

What’s your take?

I look forward to hearing all the different opinions, and if people take enough interest I may share my own along with a little story :wink: :wink:



Not really a big believer from my own experiences, BUT human souls are not all generic and alike, so that may actually be true for some people? It may also be the case that people spent one or more past lives together.

But I think the idea has the potential to cause enormous pain and encourage some people in fixating on the unattainable to their own detriment, so I would usually try to encourage someone who thinks they’ve lost their soulmate to break with that concept and take the power back, and move on with their lives meeting new people. :thinking:


the concept of soulmates is total bs in my opinion. There are many potential partners out there for every person that would be perfectly compatible


I believe different energies are relatively more compatible vs other energies.


It’s a nice idea, that there is someone who is absolutely perfect for you out there somewhere. Thinking logically though, there will always be a better match for you somewhere. I think it shows a bit of codependency when someone says they need this soulmate to be perfect. I’m of the opinion that people should try to perfect themselves, take life day by day, and some days new people come into your life and some days people leave your life. Use it all as a growing experience.


If you find someone and want to make it work instead of looking over their shoulder for something better to come along, you have to make that commitment “for better or worse” - that it won’t all be highlight reels and advertiser-approved moments of elation, you’re going to see that person with all their masks off, see their petty mean spiteful side, their self-pity and illogic, their snot (and even worse) - and still make the decision to love and respect them.

People think all this will happen like (in the mundane sense) “magic” and that if they see anything they don’t like, that’s the green light to seek out something “better” (because surely out there is that perfect person, or maybe you can just use other people as masturbation tools and that will all work well) - disposable “me first, me all the time” culture looks great on paper, but does not seem to be leading to a huge epidemic of happiness.

Not to mention we’re having to import entire generations from cultures that still respect marriage and put family first. :thinking:

The thing is, if you can make that decision and keep a dialogue about the fact it’s a decision and not a magic mystical thing that can’t be broached, you actually stand a chance at being completely happy, and yeah I know anyone reading this is going to be like “yeah right get back to me in X years’ time” - anything worth having in life requires some work, some effort, and some sacrifice.

If you find someone remotely compatible, the sacrifice will really only be the faked romantic ideal that things “should” just happen and fall into your lap, and that if that stops, you trade them in and look elsewhere.



I think there are multiple “soulmates” for a person. The danger with that word and all the associations that go with it is that it is people use it as an excuse not to put work into their relationships.

If you really loved me youd ____. we are meant to be so _____. Then the relationship ends up devolving into less of a partnership and more of a cock stroking session to please the other person. Or a guilt trip to keep the other person bound to you.

Relationships are hard work. Its a show of love to work on yourself and to repect each others time apart.


Completely happy? That’s hard isn’t it? I am almost completely happy though. Which is almost good enough for me.[quote=“Lady_Eva, post:6, topic:17586”]
anything worth having in life requires some work, some effort, and some sacrifice.


With the rest of the post though I suppose you’ve just highlighted many of the main reasons I don’t think I can ever get married. I suppose people are always better from further away. Sure, I have very, very strong feelings for certain people. It’s just that I believe that love is better sustained from a certain distance. It’s easier to love when there are still masks, and veils in place. A wilful deception of sorts I suppose.


Well we could get into definitions but it means, knowing that even when life hands you setbacks and stuff, you have the strength and coping tools and the trust in each other (in the context of this topic) to handle them.

Not so much a never-ending state of grinning bliss, as having a whole huge area of your life working stably, fulfillingly (probably not a real word but y’know) and with self-righting mechanisms in place.


Oh. I definitely fit that definition. I was thinking more of “never-ending state of grinning bliss” though. Since I already have a stable, fulfilling life I might as well aim higher.


Soulmates on a spiritual level is possible.

Humans tends to put shackles of expectations on each other, which just makes it harder to find acceptance and love for being ourselves fully. We shouldn’t be defined and judged by our flaws, and left in a heartbroken sorrow, while the one’s who judges us are oblivious to criticism by their own flaws and imperfections.

The soulmate of a spirit seems more tolerate than most humans, almost at a level of an utopian dream. But there’s no hypocrisy there, because they also want to evolve within the combination of two souls being compatible with each other. But they’re patient, because time isn’t as limited for them as it’s too often for us.

For me, soulmates are not bullshit. You feel a soulmate, once you find her/him, whether it’s a human or a spirit.


This soulmates thing is something that I never believed in. While there are those who are fortunate to have found someone that they can spend the rest of their lives with. They are few and far in-between. When two people stay together so long that they start to look like each other, that is true love.


This happens because in order to stay in rapport with someone you start adopting their mannerisms, including facial expressions. Using the same muscles in the same way will alter the shape slightly enough and strengthen/weekend the ones used/not used.

Some people end up looking like their dogs :dog:… I can’t figure that one out.


And vice versa.


My goodness :open_mouth:

This seems to have peaked lots of people’s interests.

I personally believe it is possible that everyone has at least one “soulmate”.

My reasoning is I had a vision of mine when I was just a wee lad (and not so cynical :laughing:) and no matter what I tried to do that vision of them would not change. Through my previous partners, I would often try to change the image to become them and it would never work. My vision stayed as stubborn as I am, unchanging and unmoving no matter what I wanted.

I am currently with this person that I had a vision of eight or nine years ago, and when I met them it felt as though I had regained a piece of myself. I felt whole. There was a period we could feel one another’s heart in our own chest.

I know I may be coming off as sappy, and all of what I said is just bs from a love blinded fool, but this is how I see it.

Cheers, and keep the views rolling in :smile:,


I 100% believe in soul mates. But I also think the actual chance of coming in contact with that soul mate is extemellyyyyyyyyyy slim. Very slim. Finding someone on the .0001 difference in vibrational frequency as you is likely not going to happen. There are plenty of people out there that are close enough that you can pair with so who cares…my opinion.

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And yet, similar frequencies attract.


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Right… “There are plenty of people out there that are close enough that you can pair”… totally agree

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Oh god, so on target. I found y soulmate years ago. I literally was in love with her before I met her. She loved me to but chose security and family approval over me. I anguished until quit recently. I remember past lives with her, always the same story. Finally I said screw her and moved on… Took my power back lol.


Same here. Weirdest feeling ever.