Soul travel

I was just wondering, when Soul travel can you

1 time travel past and future up to 1 million years AD or BC
2 possess another human been
3 try and move objects in you own home in your astral body or find a spirit can teach how

Reasons are for number one about time travel, see if humans has invented time travel, Galaxy class star ships, also see if humans has blown the world up with Nuclear bombs, also depending how far into future time travel possible, then see if desktop pc has advanced to see if there is SSD with 10 Zettabytes 2.5 inch Hd, see how far CPUs has evolved so if that is future.

While soul travel find out how to possess a wealthy human owns a time machine in his shed, then while hes possess by you soul take control of future man, go to a shop where can purchase the most awesome Pc components of the 30 century get him to spend all his money and purchase CPU, GPU, SSD, CPU cooler, Ram memory pc tower case everything desktop pc has, who knows their maybe a materializer like a 3D printer, then get him to purchase the lot, then take it all back to his home, then get him put it all on his time machine and send it back in time to the present to a shipping courier company to your home put something like Walmart to your home or, i do a way sending from year 3000 back to say Australian post so it appears at Australian post werehouse to be delivered to the final destenation without going through customs so those greedy basterd don’t know.


From what I hear yea you can do all of them except maybe move objects in your home, that is what your physical body is for.

I myself tend to suck at even astral travel usually. I pretty much have only got that working by creating thought forms &/ getting spirits to help me out of my body.


I have read through 1 person on this forum. Don’t know their username but the whole timeline travel thing really messed them up. Just be fairwarned


Actually Robert Bruce and E.A. had a interview and theoretically it is possible to move stuff in your own home but like there’s not really a point to it. Its hard to do like you have to have a conscious OBE and do some shit like increase astral mass just to move one thing an inch but that seems to require lots of work and constant efforts for a task thats pretty much meaningless unless you want to spook someone.


Like many I get confused as to the difference between astral travel and lucid dreaming, even though most times I considered myself astral traveling I had some sort of spirit or thought form lift me out of my body before I went about traveling. But in both I find that there is a certain …like gas to traveling that I believe I would refer to as dream fuel. I wonder if this is the same as astral mass. Strangely I had found what would increase this ‘dream fuel’ was staying up for long periods of time without sleep first.

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Astral Travel and Lucid dreaming are different but sometimes, from what I’ve heard and read, if you don’t have a good grasp on retaining memory then its likely that dreams and astral travel will blend together especially if its not a conscious astral projection. And energy also has an effect on how long you can travel, different for everyone.

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That is what i am going through.

You like movies right @Bowling270?
You can probobly do all those things while soultraveling but since soultraveling and real travel differs a little some details may be lost.
Remember Dr Strang in Infinity wars when he looks in the future 1000684 different outcomes, same in your case, you may travel to a future where an asteroid whiped out humanity tomorow so you will need a way to pick different ones and there is an infinit possebilitys.
And even If you can find one where all your criterias are meet they wont send you a pc, If time travel is invented and for some reason accesable to normal ppl it would have to be strict regulation around it. But i think biggest chance is that timetravel aint even a reality despite how far in time you go.

Seeing as all this is to get you that monster PC that 50% of your post rants about. Why dont you simply get a job and earn the money?


Don’t worry Grimner they were only ideas, it wouldn’t work anyway, Soul Travel wouldn’t work for me anyway o step out of your body EA ses just step out of your body, i don’t think so my Soul is super glued to my body there is probably a binding link in the form of enocian the Arc Angles probably inscribed on my rib cage, my Demon budies has just informed my the Angles of the Lord are pissed off i just gave the secret why i cannot Soul Travel, even EA would not pull my Soul out.


I’ve got much better things to do with the LHP mixing Ahriman path with Necromantic paths, Cthulhu paths its endless.

Enochian bindnings on the ribcage, i may be misstaken now but wasnt that a thing in the show Supernatural?
If your soul is linked to your body like you say then wouldnt you be bound to it even after death?
What horrible things have you done in the past to earn such a punishment, or Why are you of such importance that angels needs to restrict you?

No offense but the idea seems strange to me.

I have been restricted from travelling to Hell, because what i did using black magic through the inverted pentagram, i use to be able to actually travel to and from Hell in body and Soul, also back when i was 18 i caused a lot of trouble of a astrological scale i was miss using the black pentagram and did a job for Satan actually hack the heavens to travel to Heaven and slaughter the creator their was just a pill of ash left, then the rioting started a war in Heaven, and got put on a Angelic hit list, so one of the arc Angles inscribed enocian symbols to hid me from all angles of the Heavens also Lucfer is fallen Angel he has trouble finding me as well, Hell has been wondering where i have gotten to, so every time i read any evocation from any grimoire nothing happens, yes i have tryed shit loads of times then i could just sit their nothing happens, its like i have been shut off, so i just sit and trace inverted pentagrams like i use to, because doesn’t matter how many times i use my inverted pentagrams of the 9th Gatekeeper it will always work doesn’t matter how faint the connection is, because i have faith in the inverted pentagram i even had to inscribe the symbols from the counter creation to get better connection to Demon bothers and Demon sisters connection is much better now, life finds a way.

1 time travel past and future up to 1 million years AD or BC

To any point in time, and any point in other universes. Back is easier than forwards I find.

2 possess another human [being]

Yes. You may just find yourself riding and not noticed at first but it’s a start.

3 try and move objects in you own home in your astral body or find a spirit can teach how

Yes but as mentioned, it’s so hard and the rewards are so low, I think this is exactly why bodies were created, for spirit to create and move the physical easily.

14,000,605 outcomes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Thanks @Voodooking i was to lazy to check the real number myself. But right is right :kissing_heart: