Soul Travel starting out


So I have actively been trying to have OBE for a couple years now. It seems that even when I get down to a low enough state that I cant step outside of my body. Whats the best way to resolve this?


Fake it till ya make it! Pretend that you are doing it, until it happens for real!


EA did a fantastic Esoteric Excursus episode on soul travel. I highly recommend listening to it. Here’s the link:
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huh, looks like that link isn’t working for some reason. Here’s one that works from Dante’s old website. It’s the exact same Esoteric Excursus:

also, what invadenus says is true. I’m just starting out too (starting out as in skill level, not the insane amount of time I’ve put in to actually trying to get it to work :P). I’ll meditate down, and just mentally walk around my house. Next thing I know, I’m suddenly standing in front of my desk, or in the middle of the kitchen - then WHAP I’m back in my body. But it’s getting easier and easier. So yeah, I totally second the “fake it till ya make it” paradigm. It definitely works.

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Also - don’t try to hard to get to the super trance. I tried that for years with all the tricks (climbing the rope, descending the ladder, waiting for paralysis to set in, etc.) and only had 5 full exits in the span of 2.5 years. Just do the mental walking around your house - it will bring you to the necessary state.


What I usually do is use lucid dreams as a platform to project. When you realize you are dreaming go back to your body, and then come out again.

But that faking it idea sounds interesting, I havent been able to do this from a meditative state so I think I will give that a try.


Absolutely! It’s trying too hard that gets in the way. Walk around the house is a very good idea, then walk outside the house. Then go into the woods and create a personal hut/house/whatever, go inside, decorate, build an altar, have a bookshelf, etc. Start with the familiar, then begin building a personal “home-base” or temple that is your space - where it is yours.


The “walk around the house, etc.” would be called a “middle world” journey in shamanism. To do an underworld journey, walk out down a path that leads to a cave, or a pond, and go down into the earth. Underworld journeys are where you can visit your ancestors or past lives. Upper world journeys are going into outer space, other planets and dimensions. It all starts with establishing a secure middle world projection.


this is pure crazyness. i will do it and i will actually start doing it tonight and i’ll keep a journal so to see if i make any progress in anything other then imagining stuff.

i would appreciate more detailed explanation on this middle world projection concept. if i imagine my imaginative fantasy place - as in a special landscape with an imagined house and stuff, and if i imagine in meditative sitting that i visit this place ( and i am not actually seeing it but only imagining it and struggling with distracting thoughts), am i in that way really doing something useful in terms of achieving anything?

if that is a good way to start, is there a way to empower the proces?


[quote=“bahamuthat, post:7, topic:47”]…and if i imagine in meditative sitting that i visit this place ( and i am not actually seeing it but only imagining it and struggling with distracting thoughts), am i in that way really doing something useful in terms of achieving anything?

if that is a good way to start, is there a way to empower the proces?[/quote]

Indeed. You might wish to buff up on your focus meditations if you’re getting distracted easily though. Pick any object you like, and keep it in your minds without ANY distracting thoughts. It’s usually recommended to start at 5 min then move to 10 min. At 10 min your focus ability should be well sufficient for any other meditative exercise.
When you are imagining the place and you start to slip into gamma-theta, you will notice the images coming to life and becoming much more vivid. One of two things will happen.

  1. you will move slowly into the “window” of your vision and consciously make that transition OR…
  2. You will suddenly be there without any transition.
    Either way - it works really well. Don’t get too crazy with it though. Just simply walk around a room and notice things. See the lamps and the pictures on the walls, notice imperfections, holes, cracks, etc.
    Then, one day POOF! You’ll get it. Hell, it might even happen your first time :slight_smile:
    Good luck bahamuthat :slight_smile:


Thanks Thomas (DKM). You seem to have the Astral Travel process down, What’s the next step to making this more into EA’s Soul Travel god-like experience?? I came to EA from a recommendation of Robert Bruce of AstralBob. I’ve been doing/practicing astral travel for years but looking to go this next step into Godness. 93!


Heh, I wish I had it down. I can get out pretty easily - my problem is staying out. I’m still trying to get the dynamics of that one down. So far my experiences are in and out, and on the rare occasion I have an adventure around the world. So to be honest - I do have exiting down fairly alright. Still not uber killer at it yet though. As far as actual soul travel and splitting through dimensions and different planes, etc. I’m 100% clueless. I have a ridiculous amount of work to do in that department to be sure. :slight_smile: heh


Bahamuthat -

I used to think much the same way about my mind (imagination … fantasy … not really doing anything) as you do. As though it were just 'so much fluff ‘n nonsense’ - a waste of my precious time. Boy, was I off the mark!

You MIND is vast and incomprehensible. Your MIND is not in your brain - if it were to suddenly enter your brain, your head would explode!!! And I’m not even being funny here.

Thought with Purpose raises ENERGY - POWER. Imagination, fantasy, etc. generates Thought with Purpose with Feeling … Greater Energy, Greater Power, around the nucleus of the Thought - like a Vortex. Make sense?


i am thankfull for such inspiring fellow users of this forum.

my analytical mind is statisfied for now, and i am motivated to practice. we shall see.


[quote author=bahamuthat link=topic=37.msg547#msg547 date=1339967444]
i am thankfull for such inspiring fellow users of this forum.

my analytical mind is statisfied for now, and i am motivated to practice. we shall see.

And THAT, Bahamuthat, is the perfect attitude! Kind of a ‘back door’ skepticismm that says: " I have heard this, and I don’t believe it, but I don’t NOT believe it either. So for now, I’m going to assume that it MIGHT be true & work with it a minute".


The method your given on this website have a powerfull effect on me . I’m very attracted by this method. When I focus my eyes on the line , I suddently feel that the scenery is like an aquarium fiber, and my face could be stuck on it. I see the static rain, and more I try to “step back”, the less I feel my physical body, and the less I think that I see the world with my eyes…(the bad point is that the more I step back, the less I breath). My vision also change and become more “large”. BUT I can move. even if I exhale, I stay in the same place, I don’t go front and pass the fiber…One time I had the impression to put my vision until my knees level, but I havent find the way to reproduce it…


NARCISSUS I love the way you express yourself in writing; it is very poetic & vivid & beautiful … Welcome! :wink: Z


Thanks Zoe, being French, I hoppe my english is easy to understand for everybody.


Your english is very understandable, and perhaps the fact that its not your native language is what causes it to be so … charming. You’re doing great, and the more you join in discussions, the quicker we will be to more fully comprehend what you mean. Its just getting to know people with only words & intuition. :wink: Z


Astral projection/soul travel is very easy for me. I’ve been doing it since I was a child. The way I started? My grandfather is a soul traveler and he pulled me outside of my body when I was having a nightmare and taught me to fly. I’ve been doing it ever since. I have built my own paradise, met some spirits, and helped many friends and family achieve their first astral experience. When one of my friends asks for help with their first astral experience, I tell them to say my name before bed and believe I’ll show up in a dream. I focus my intent on that person during travel and show-up bedside. I then wake my friend up and invite them on an adventure. Once they have done this once or twice they are usually competent enough to do it on their own. Now I have my close circle of friends popping up bedside in my room asking me for advice on the astral plane. I just want a good nights sleep sometimes! lol…Point is if you know a really experienced traveler who is a good friend, ask them to come to you while you sleep and help you out of your body.

I’ve read a lot of methods for astral travel and so far none of that shit really works for me. I’m not saying you’ll have the same result, but when I want to project, I do! It’s usually in the morning, when I get my deepest sleep. I find that really knocking myself out with something like xanax, valium or any other pill that warns of lucid dreaming helps but isn’t always necessary. Also to start with I dream that I am lying in bed comfortable, then find a reason to get up, like needing a drink or wanting to check my phone for texts. I’ll roll out of bed on to the floor, and boom, there it is, just like last night and the adventure begins.

A few things to try when you’re first starting out is to just explore the world around you, walk around your room, look into the mirror, that’s fun, when you see your reflection of yourself standing there and the reflection of your body lying on the bed! Try thinking of a place you want to visit or a person you want to see and jump through your mirror, or the window, doesn’t matter, just start exploring the world around you.

Also some people say there’s nothing that can harm you on the astral plane. I call bullshit to that one. I carry a sword with me at all times when travelling and have taught more than one nasty lesson to a psychic vampire or a man in a black suit before. Point is, find a weapon, look down, it’s usually in your hand when you need it or as a side arm. Sometimes it will be hidden in a place and you must find it, but do it! Try this stuff. It works.

My question to the other experienced travelers is, where are the Temples I should be looking for at this point?


Ose is the best demon for soul traveling, he will teach you how to shift your form. I personally keep a vampyric form on the planes to ward off any lesser entities.


May I ask where can I find his sigil and how did you contact him ?