Soul Travel or Lucid Dream? Encounter with Mantis Beings

I once had this weird dream in which a flying source came down really close to me I could nearly touch it. Then I asked myself if the object could be from beyond this world and the flying source resonated with my question, confirming it telepathically. After this I was inside a very tall building in a room with other humans preparing to got to sleep. I woke up - in the dream - because I had this feeling that something was about to happen. I left the room I was and went to the next room and there was two beings that I’m not sure if they were humans or not, I just can’t remember, watching a person sleeping. Then I realized that this person was actually me. I got a bit freaked out and these two being tried to calm me down on a bed. A praying mantis went flying in my direction getting smaller and smaller and I was aware that it was going to get inside me so I ran out of the room really scared. When I left the room a guy I know was there with other humans and he was trying to calm me down at any costs saying that I have no reasons to freak out.

This is all I remember. I try to understand what this means, if this actually has a meaning or is just nonsense from my head. I also believe they could have shifted forms to not scare me as these beings can be quite scary and huge enough to make you think they can eat you alive with ease.

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