Soul travel and astral projection thread

I am going to start practicing soul travel so I’ll post interesting experiences when they do occur. If you have any experiences, methods, practices, or tips feel free to share them here. Has anyone made it to the causal plane? If so what was the Akashic records like and have you learned?


I’ve been teaching Astral Projection for about 5 years. The biggest pitfalls that have prevented any of my students from initially not being able to are as follows. Clogged Chakras, or if you don’t like that ideology, the emotional blockages that clog chakras. Fear, Guilt, Shame, Loss, Lies, Illusion, Unhealthy Earthly Connections. First things first, do one of the 100s of methods one can do to unclog the Chakra’s. This will also do wonders to improving any psychic abilities. Next most common hick up. Diet. Day of your intended journey, no intoxicants, no stimulants, no meat " it’s grounding which is not helpful while trying to float off". Light food, avoid root vegetables " also due to grounding ". Next biggest hick up, cap removal. Some people have a cap or helmet on there spirit that they or there higher self chose to have in order to prevent connection to the spirit world until a certain point of development. So, if necessary, perform a cap removal.
Hope this helps!

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Intensity of projection will increase with practice as EA points out. The goal of course is to experience the astral world almost as if though it’s a physical plane. Yes. It can be done. Practice, Practice, Practice and the frequency with which you manage to perform these “astral jumps” where you are lifted straight out of your body in an incredibly intense experience will increase. My best advice is the old saying “If you miss a day, you are starting over”. DO NOT EVER miss a day of practice. That is the best way to ensure that your abillity to project will develop properly. Eventually, you will find yourself feeling like you are literally floating out of your body your astral limbs feel like real limbs and so on. With even more practice the frequency with which you can do that will increase.


So helpful thank you

Thank you I appreciate the help

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Yep. Not what I was told to expect.

Never been, unfortunately. This and the causal are not the same


Wow really. Thanks for the input. What was It like in the causal

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I interpreted it different than the person who told me about it.

They said there is a massive white light that is intensely bright, and that is the source.

That however is not how I saw it. I really dont want to tell you what vision of it you should expect. If you’d really like to know what I saw, however, I would oblige.



The sleep deprivation is killing me man. I only practice on the weekends when I go to sleep at 00:00 AM I set my alarm at 04;00 AM, I wake up and try to get into sleep paralysis. I’ve been practicing for weeks and If I stay awake for too long I just go back to sleep.

How would you practice every day without getting up at 04:00 AM interrupting your normal sleep pattern? That is the only best time for beginners to practice because your mind is already in a relaxed state.

I tried to practice every day but with work, studies, sports, I get way too tired. It doesn’t work for me. So i’m tied to only 1-2 times per week usually on fridays and saturdays.

Is there any other way of doing this? HELP
I really want to astral project, my companions and spirit guides are waiting for me…


@SpaceTravelr Firstly, I don’t necessarily project in my sleep. Oneiromancy is its own thing and though related isn’t necessary here.

I personally utilize the Void meditation outlined in both the Black Scriptures by Somnus Dreadwood and Eye of the Oracle by the same author. I’ve found that to be the easiest method there is.


Hey man,

Thank you very much for your knowledge. I’ve been trying to astral project for weeks. Still no succes. I slipped into a lucid dream once and had partially sleep paralysis.

Is it true that beginners are best helped to set their alarms 4 hours after they’ve gone to sleep? I go to sleep at 00:00,AM and I wake up at 04:00 AM. But I can only practice this on the weekends. How would I practice every day? I’m kinda stuck here… And how do I remove my cap?? What do you mean with light food? Only fruits & vegetables? What about diairy? Eggs milk? Can i eat rice?
I’m mostly eating vegan/vegetarian. Almost no meat.

What is the best and most effective way to balance/open up my chakras? I have alot of blockages there I think, personal grief, feelings of guilt, shame, feeling down sometimes.


@SpaceTravelr Firstly, a vegetarian diet isn’t necessary and a case could be made for a prolonged vegetarian diet starving the Demon within leading to detrimental effects Secondly, you are overcomplicating this way too much. There is no need for any of that. Except for clearing out blockages.


At what time of the day are you projecting?

Any time. Whenever it suits me. Sleep projections tend to be the most intense but also by far not the easiest.



Where can I find this method?

If anyone has had success using the material found in the BALG soul travel course, please let me know. The order of bija mantras given in the lesson four material chakra opening exercise and the workbook is incorrect (the order of bija mantras for anahata and visuddha chakras is incorrectly reversed). I’m wondering if there is anything else that needs adjusting.


Any more experiences with astral or soul travel?

Trying to AP since a while too (second time I’m seriously into it) and no success yet, as for now.
I may feel vibrations sometimes but that’s all. I guess it takes time and practice.

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Ive taught over 100 people succesfully my friend, I found the exact causes that prevented anyone from projecting, I now have a 100% success rate with all my students. Show me some one who can do better then contradict my findings.