Soul Switch - Just how impossible is this/how to counter it

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A few years ago I posted about soul switch with another person and I got a reply that it’s nigh impossible to achieve. Assuming how paranoid I am about it, I only got a short reply, nobody really explained how to counter soul switch and why it’s ‘nigh impossible’.

It would definitely make me feel better if I got some kind of explanation about this and as well as a countermeasure about this topic.

Linking the post in question to your thread, so the newer members can have a rough impression about the responses from some years ago :slight_smile:

(since almost all responding users of the former topic aren’t active anymore/haven’t been online for some time it should be okay to open a new thread, I have edited the title of the topic for the search engine of this board :+1: )



Yeah that would do, thanks!

I’d consider it a very advanced variant of possession, requiring not only a deep possession of both people by each other, but also a way to get the people out of their bodies permanently.
Due to the golden rule on this planet of free will, you can’t do even a mild possession without permission, and you need this on both sides.

Add that as a mage you have awareness and a repulsion to the idea, and it’s a non starter. Anyone wanting to do this will find much easier pickings with millions more people than you. You own your body and have the higher ground, full control and full integration between your spirit and body, which they don’t, so it’s takes almost no effort for you to say no and the fight is already over.

I think you basically both have to die and then do a “walk in” to each other’s still living bodies.

So I don’t think you need to worry, specifically because you said this:

You don’t give your permission, end of story.

I don’t think people were short because they saw the question as unimportant, I think they just don’t know, as no one’s seen it. 'Nigh impossible" is a fair description of the statistic given that nobody’s seen it or knows how to do it, that we know of, and us lot: we read a lot :slight_smile: Even walk ins are very very rare.

I am aware, I think, and this is a purely UPG thing on my part, of one mage that intended to never die by walking in to other mages in an unending cycle of forced possessions: and all that’s happened is he’s basically become a parasite, feeding off a few mages at a time but never really getting a body of his own.
He is dying, he’s already a “lesser entity” and will fade to a mindless daemon and then dissipate to sleeping in the land and then nothing if he can’t get out of the astral. He needs to incarnate but won’t as he knows he’ll forget who he is, so that’s a kind of dying too. He may not be strong enough for a human incarnation any more anyway.

So it’s not so easy, and that’s why we don’t see it. If you wanted to get it to work, it would take dedicated effort on both side practicing double possessions to find out how, and then more learning to find out how to stay out of your old body.

As I see it, this example given in the last thread was not a soul switch, but a possession of ONE by the other which is more like an insertion of consciousness so that one person controlled both bodies.

About walk ins:
What can happen, is the spirit chooses to leave first. This usually happens after a traumatic event like an accident that puts them near or through death, as leaving the vessel is basically dying. If the vessel is still in good condition though then another spirit can take it and this is called a “walk in”. Sometimes walk ins remember they are walk ins and have the memories of the host and themselves. Drunvalo Melchizedeck is an example of someone who talks about being a walk in as well as the lives he had before walking in to the current vessel.


It is possible and the mechanics behind it are very simple. The issue is the level of both skill, power, and precision to do it. It is like brain surgery in a way that you have to severe the soul from the body without damaging the chakras to the point that the invading entity cannot sync up and attach their own soul to the body. Otherwise all they are doing is killing the person by what is usually seen as natural causes. It is easier to do this when someone is projecting as the soul has already left the body and there is just a thin energetic tether that while extremely strong is the point one would need to attack and tether to themselves to possess the body. Which is why all reliable texts on projection warn about defending your body against uninvited guests while projecting as it is vulnerable to possession and influence at that point. Though given the advanced nature of actual projection skills if you can project you can put up the required defenses if you remember.

In short though it is a very delicate operation and most beings won’t bother to take a body that long and merely club your soul out or suppress it for a while to do something and at that they prefer the mentally ill and weak willed that do not have the training to fight back. An incarnate magician is also not likely to perform it as there is little point. Attaining the level to perform such a delicate and amazing feat is difficult as it requires training that is no longer propagated in pop culture magick and at the point of gaining that level of ability there is a good chance they won’t want another body if theirs happens to die or will just make a new body as needed.

Unless you deal with particularly powerful and troublesome entities it is unlikely to happen unless you happen to die and then if your body is intact enough to survive they might hop in for the ride. You see this a lot more than you might think in cases of near death experiences where the person comes back seemingly completely changed as if they were a different person trying to be who they used to be. Near death experience is the soul leaving the body while it is dead however briefly and entities desiring long term access to a body can easily hijack those openings. They usually proceed to do what they want and then die or wreck the body feeding off sensation and whatever trouble they can cause.


Hi @Mulberry , thank you for the explanation, you’re a huge help, you don’t even know!

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