Soul selling

How would I properly sell my soul for something in exchange?

You don’t. That doesn’t exist. And if it does, it’s a pretty bad idea and you shouldn’t do it. If you want something, why don’t you offer food like the rest of us?


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Ok thank you

You can sell your soul actually, I’ve had experience with this on many occasions. The act of selling your soul is basically like “you own me for this amount of time” either within the reincarnation or when you’re done with this life and as your ‘true self’ in this time frame if it’s not permanent they can do whatever they want with you, if it’s permanent the same case still stands you become whatever they want you to be. It’s called soul selling mainly because when you’re done with this life you are your soul, your true self, and they own you for however long the contract says. There are many entities that are fine with owning souls, many occultists have this rose colored mentality that entities dont do these things but that’s imo because many still have to experience more.

You can’t reincarnate without their permission among other things.

Selling your soul is far from a myth lol, however it’s not advised to do so, soul selling is still a form of contract, it’s like offering something in return for something else and you get it back when the contract has been fulfilled or if permanent you get what you want but you give up your free will and open yourself up to whatever outcome happens to your soul be it becoming food for another entity, being in servitude, or like one of my guides who sold their soul to me prior to this life and in doing so they became something of an advisor/guide for me, but in this life I aimed to befriend them which I have.

your soul isnt literally taken from you, it’s basically marked with whatever symbol or sigil the owner decides on to reflect their ownership of you.


I was reading about someone who decided in order to get some girl he would give himself over to Azazel to do the lake of fire ritual. He had a dream that night of being branded with a bunch of sigils by Azazel. IMO I think he legit got fucked.

Pretty much, though there are some entities who will treat you pretty well during the ownership, but only reason I don’t advise it is because a lot of people do it on a whim, not getting to know the entity or anything of the sorts.

Hell I’ve seen a soul being eaten in my years of doing this stuff, of course the soul wasn’t reincarnated here but it was during my time in projection. Some even form bonds like me and one of my guides who I mentioned sold theirs to me prior to this life and it’s been this long and we’re pretty much friends/formed a bond, he has free will and he actually wants to stay my guide.

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Soul being eaten? So it’s like gone/destroyed?

That is truly grim

The same way you’d sell your body to complete strangers who have vast power and almost no accountability: be willing to eat whatever they want and pretend to love it or pay the price, and do whatever they request, no matter how vile, and no matter who or what to, and the only difference is, it’s forever, and you can’t opt out via death.

Still sounds good? :roll_eyes:


Yeah, ofc energy can’t be destroyed but rather transformed into something else, so the energy being transformed into a food source for an entity it ceases to be a soul, but that kind of energy.


Don’t be desperate for results. That’s how you get into some serious problems.


Exactly lol, the spiritual is pretty “do taboo shit” lol though I find it pretty cool, the selling souls and such, I’d never sell mine but the act of that being a way of gaining say followers is pretty interesting.

I think that is literally the worst thing in the world to have to endure. Poor soul. I was astral projecting somewhere after visiting Hagith once and I discovered that there was someone binding souls of deceased/spirits and selling them to other spirits. There is a sorcerer that does this. I was informed of it by a spirit I was talking to and the spirit mentioned an area near where I lived that I never heard of. I googled the area to confirm the location and it’s actually a place. So fucked up.


The fact that this can be done against a person’s will scares the shit out of me. Imagine dying only to find out some dickhead managed to bind you to something and sold you. Like soul trafficking.

How do you ensure you have safe travels going into the afterlife so stuff like this doesn’t happen ?

I pray to God that I don’t get caught up in something like this. Primarily why I’m RHP oriented. I would hazard a guess maybe call Azrael he’s meant to take care of recently deceased souls. I plan on contacting him about this. Honestly I didn’t even think it was possible and I still have my doubts but after that astral travel my mind is open to considering the possibility

What if you form friendships with powerful entities, I’m sure they won’t just let you get fucked like that

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I find that this thing isn’t as common as it seems, unless you piss something or someone off or you consciously do these things you should be fine that’s how I see it anyway.

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So what are the disadvantages of such a agreement between a human and a spirit?
In exchange you will receive what you wanted but what can go wrong?