Soul selling

Wow this topic is on fire. OP going to get some crazy badges hahaha

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Most people have some kind of protection against this, and there are also people and beings out there who have a rage boner for fucking up anyone who even tries this kind of slavery, so it’s less common than you think - what is undone is usually retroactive, given the different nature of time in the spirit realms.

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Only disadvantages in my opinion is if you ask for something insanely improbable to happen here or you do it with an entity you know nothing about besides their name, you’re pretty much doing risky business with no assurance.


Well how would you properly ask?

What do you mean?

Like make a pact or offer something in exchange?

Well selling your soul is a pact, it’s just a matter of the content of said pact and if they accept it.

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How would I know if they accept? I’m not trying to be demanding, more like I’ll do this if you do that. Like scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.

They’ll give you a sign that it was accepted one way or another

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Ok, thank you so much.

@Velenos How would someone find out if they’re allegiance is owned by another being, that they’re serving someone? Would it be done via reading?

Usually a scan since there would be a link/sigil/symbol on the soul that leads back to the owner.

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Cool, I guess I need to hop over to the scanning thread then. Thank you @Velenos !

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Would a birthmark be a symbol? I have an upside down palm size star on my right thigh, which I think connects me to another (I know who the other is).

I got a birthmark thats eerily similar to one of Nanna’s symbols. I asked him what he was to me, he said Patron.

I can’t say about birthmarks as those are insanely common among human beings to have, I’ve only witnessed marks on the soul.


I think very few Physical birthmarks have anything to do with the occult. Some are a funny coincidence, over 90% are just random I think.

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@Velenos may I pm you about a freaky ass experience I had? Im interested in your take on this

I agree with you and sure, my dms are always open.

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Can’t dm if your profile is hidden right?