Soul dedication VS selling your soul and what you get and what comes next and how to do it?

What’s the difference ? and what can you get and what happens in the after life ?

I’m thinking about doing this so I would really appreciate it if someone here could give me info on what they mean and how to do it and also what I have in mind is getting the entity to work with me and teach me to reach my goal then after I reached my goal letting me do what he wants in return like anything

I’m not looking for instant wealth or such things as I know it is not possible

I also am not interested in being a slave in the after life

But I have goals that require support from a Demon support


This is very important to me

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Hello pro
At first … did you introduced yourself in the post of introducing new members? It’s one of rules in this site
Second , dedicating your soul is to give your soul just for free … Satanists i mean here spritual satanists who worship Satan do this for nothing just for worshipping him and be able to use all spells and magick that requires support of a supernatural power like Satan
About selling your soul … you’ll dedicate your soul to Satan and you’ll get anything you want … if you read about Faust’s legend
About the afterlife … as i’m a muslim … in Islam you’ll see Satan that tell all humanity that God told you the right way and you didn’t follow him and i told you the wrong way and you followed me … then he’ll enter the hell and all his worshippers too
In Spritual Satanism … satan will save your soul and you’ll enter the hell that it’s heaven not an inferno … and he’ll revive peopl again who are right hand to live again untill they know the right path left-hand to die and after it they’ll enter the hell that i mentioned before it’s name is hell but actually it’s a heaven
That’s what i know so i hope that was useful for you

But please let us know what are your goals because sometimes knowing the right way to achieve your goals is the solution and you maybe don’t see the right way
Tell us your goals and may we find a good solution for you then you won’t have to sell your soul.
Note:i know my English is very bad so please forgive me :joy::joy:

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Oh i forgot too
After selling your soul … ther’s no turning back!!
Blease beware that it’ll be very hard to destroy the contact between you and Satan … as i know it’ll be impossible so please rhink again about that
Faust’s legend tells that Faust loved to be a scientist so he sold his soul to mephestophilies -i don’t know if i typed the name correctly- that this demon will give him alot of sciences and Faust will give him his soul after 24 years
After selling his soul he got alot of sciences … at last the time to give his soul to mephisto is now!
Faust cried and didn’t want to do that … but crying didn’t help him and mephisto killed him -as i know-
So it’s not something easy and not a way that you can discover and the turn back … you need to think again and let us know your goals that we can get some solutions instead of selling your soul
Also read about demonology and demons evocation

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I would suggest givin this a read

I dunno nothin bout sellin souls. I work with arhiman,the divs, the old ones,just started with lucifer and soon many other but my soul is MINEEEEE ! Lol dedicated to ME.:grin: