Soul awakening

Me and various friends started to develope deeper connections to our soul and get visions of our past lifes not only on earth but our home planes. Connecting to the soul, reclaiming magickal techniques, chants, a lot of knowledge or even entire abilities.

Which showed to me that the act of connecting to the soul and exploring its origins is something extremely powerful to do.

Many of us are magickal beings like infernals, djinns, dragons, angels, fae, etc… with great magickal abilities we just need to remember.

Now i wonder if anyone of you knows rituals entities or practices that help you remember more of who you are(as in who your soul is)


The Watcher Samyaza can help you with what you asked

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Thank you do you have a book recommendation for that matter?

Not at all. I just know that Samyaza can help you with this, and also tell you your true name. I know it from Vk Jehannum, and from JS Garett

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Sounds like you’re already doing fine, keep on with what you have, especially regarding the visions of the past thing.

To my mind, since the measure of learning is exemplified in a change in behaviour, then who you are at a spiritual level is the accumulated wisdom of the many lifetimes you’ve had. The more you can remember the more you can piece together who you are.

Imo, while each of these is a soul, none are your spirit, and who you really are, comes from your spirit.
They may have been incarnations you spirit entered into to create each as a soul, but, when you start to remember being various things other than human, you should notice a common thread: the YOU that you are is not changed by what bodies you’ve had.

Note: for want of a better word, I use “incarnation” to mean any body, energetic or physical, that a spirit can possess as it’s own and only it’s own for the duration of that body’s lifecycle. Thus, I see most astral beings as being “incarnated”, which is why they can die. Also, a spirit is not stuck in one form it can “transmigrate” into different types of body, aka die and be reborn as something else.

None of these ARE you, they are only what you have been, and a lot of the energy you have picked up from these lives, is only that: energy you have, not who you are.

So I would be careful with do too much identifying with any given lifetime, human or otherwise, and don’t look for fancy titles and types of entity humans find dramatic; this is a distraction. To find the real you, figure out your values, the principles that you would die for, and most importantly, where you’re going and what you want to do with that.

This is my worldview, yours may be different.