Soul and Personal Star & HGA

Is anybody aware of a relationship between the "soul and personal star” and the HGA?



You can also look for references to the Higher Genius, in a ceremonial capacity, though this newer. It’s what my Helios Unbound stuff was a part of - a “Pagan” version of the HGA.


No, they’re concepts from two entirely separate theoretical systems.

Looking at the diagram you posted, the “soul and personal star” bears more of a resemblance to the concept of the superconscious mind than to the Holy Guardian Angel, in my opinion. The superconscious is believed to be the aspect of mind that is non-local, and able to obtain knowledge through psychic means, and pass it down to the conscious mind. In New Age parlance, it is your connection to the universe.


Yeah I wouldn’t call that the “soul” myself, it looks like the energy point where the energy system connects to the cosmos.

They have them in yoga too where they call them “chakras above the crown”. There are more energy points in the energy bodies, not only the 7 that overlap the physical, they are below ground and above your head. They use it a lot in kundalini exercises, as that is the point that Gopi Krishna meditated on to raise his kundalini, (daily for years) and he described it as a very many petaled lotus.

Om mani padme hum” and all that :slight_smile:


Would the HGA be comparable instead to the daoist Shen Xian?


From my experience the soul star is the higher self and I guess the higher self is associated with The HGA, because my experiences with my HGA and Higher self have been similar though they did manifest in different forms and carried slightly different energies but as my UPG I’d say the HGA is most likely the higher self and the Soul Star

It’s non vibratory white light, so it’s the aspect of you that’s God and it vibrates beyond time and space

It’s the Buddha in essence

Ascended Master consciousness