Sorceress Cagliastro Blood Sorcery questions

I have been trying to work through the blood magick vols 1 and 2. For some reason I can’t get some things to ‘lock in’; and cannot get her or anyone associated with her to respond at all to answer some questions.
Is there any one here who uses her techniques and can maybe help me out with how to get these principles in operation ?

I would really appreciate it.

I didn’t see your thread until today. I’m in a similar situation as you were in 2019. I sent an email to Sorceress Cagiastro to ask if I could study with her on one of the courses often mentioned in her books and her website. I’m still waiting on an answer.
As far as I can see, she hasn’t posted anything on any of her social media accounts since 2018. Did you have any luck in making contact with the Sorceress or anybody associated with her?

It’s been a while, did you guys receive answers to your questions from the Sorceress? She’s active on facebook and by email and I recently took a few courses from her.

I just accept that to learn from her, you need to take her foundational courses and when you buy one of her books, it is stated that you’ll need certain instructions for a ritual that it’s another book, so you kind of have to get them all, or the specific foundational ones. It is what it is.

According to her and her students, demons are whirlwinds of chaotic energy that want to ascend or descend and get into this world in a physical body to experience it. They thrive off of chaos and they feed off of our pain in chaotic situations. They are purely cause and effect, and don’t understand time, nor do they understand our discomfort or suffering.

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I didn’t get an answer to my email yet, although I’ve seen Sorceress has been active on instagram.

I got her books,but the instructions are buy all my books, I mean all of them in paper not ebooks,then the instructions are weird to me the spirits are a little chaotic if you can’t handle,I don’t follow blood Magick tru I got similar workings back in the day. She’s good yes but the consequences of you fail are not pretty. Besides it’s another ways to learn and do the same

I got eleven of the books, and to be honest, I’m not much the wiser. That’s why I sent her an email to ask about studying with her, but no reply in several months. Necromancy is my main interest, so I’ve taken another “route”. Blood sorcery will just have to go on hold for a while, I don’t see any other authors out there.

True are a few blood Magick spells .the best ones are not out,I don’t know a especific blood master,bcse more are eclectic,but I lyk guys if find something.

I’m a fan of her work. You don’t need all the books and you can adapt the techniques to make them work as long as you respect the underlying principle, which is that blood is magnetic, and blood sorcery is science, and understand how magick works.

I’ve never taken lessons and the couple of techniques I tried (temporary portal, some basic communication, making elixirs is very effective). I have enough experience to draw on to see what the work is trying to do and adapt to suit, kind of like a cook with a new recipe book that already knows the chemistry of cooking and how to substitute when needed. Does it always work? no, but every time you try you learn.

Me, I prefer my own way as she does, and I believe that not all techniques work for all people the same way, because our energy systems (and hence magnetism) are all slightly different, and these subtle changes and the changes in our aptitudes and abilities with them, really matter. But she is an inspiration, and that’s awesome and is plenty for me. :slight_smile:

So, as a qigong practitioner I know that "intention is everything. And I mean, everything. Energy follows mind. Strong manifest energy like magnetism is very hard to change with the unascended mind, so as unascended humans we don’t do that, we leverage it to make our magick stronger. Sorceress Cagliastro has done that very well, but you don’t have to copy her techniques by rote to achieve the same results, you have to use the principles.

I’m currently ramping up to work through 29 Deadly Sigils, so that will be fun. THE BOY contacted me in TGS so I’m feeling… invited, and very positive for a strong outcome.

I still have with me the spirit of a witch who came to me to work together attracted by the energies of what I guess you could call the Blood Sorcery current. She is able to teach me and in return I go with her to do joint workings in the astral as she resides there and has the kind of control and understanding over her existence and consciousness that I’m very interested in, but it helps to get a little oomph from an entity like me that has a qi body that is fed by a physical body sometimes.


I should have mentioned that I actually did have results with her sigil books. At the moment I’m just coming to the end of my second ritual with THE BOY. The results of the first one are visibly ongoing, and the second one is already taking effect. Both targets are well protected (in a mundane, physical way) public officials here in this country, regularly mentioned on T.V. THE BOY is genuinely powerful.

It’s the sorcery events in the Blood Sorcery Bibles - I have all three - that I have trouble with. Maybe it’s a matter of intention, as you say.

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It’s a little frustrating for people that are new to her work because we need to buy all of her books to really understand fully what to do and to get comfortable, and that’s just the way it is it’s her way of teaching.

I just completed my collection of her books and I really really like the Blood Sorcery class transcript book. I planned on quickly reading it and returning it to get a refund, LOL, but I’m going to keep it. I would have been confused as Hell if I listened to the class recording instead, so buying the book was a great investment.

The Blood Sorcery Bible Vol 1 is very overwhelming and she wrote in the blood sorcery class book that she purposely made the first few rituals the most difficult to filter out dabblers and readers who would never really do the work in the first place.

Volume 2 was a lot better to process than Vol 1 in my opinion.

Search for Sorceress Cagliostro on youtube to find a lot of her Dark Mattes radio show, programs. They are usually like 2 hours long, and they’ve greatly expanded on her work and views. I listen to some episodes over and over again.

She’s active on facebook under the name Anastasia Cagliastro and her courses are on etsy so you can message her there too if needed.

I have yet to actually work any of her blood sorcery events because I thought making myself bleed would be so easy. I ordered a bunch of lancets on ebay. I bought a blood type test kit for fun and I struggled for hours to make myself bleed with safety pins. I broke the lancet that the test came with and then I finally ripped up a razor to do a tiny cut on my thigh with some success. I didn’t do the test correctly so I still don’t know my blood type lol.

I’m going to have to hire a phlebotomist. Idk how I’m going to acquire enough blood to mix with ink.