Sorath the demon of sun

I’ve heard that Sorath/Sorat/666 is the demon of sun and he’s stronger than Lucifer…I’m not sure of that…but I want some information about him like his abilities, what to offer, etc… Just everything about him…
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These videos should be helpful:


I’ll check it thanks!

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Thanks a lot but what’s the meaning of that primary/secondary “Qlipha”?

Their primary and secondary energetic resonace to the energies of the qlippothic spheres and that tree.


What is the purpose of working with Sorath? I am looking for more information on the spirits of the planets
Purpose of The Sigil
This sigil would be used to attract the baleful influences of Venus, which according to Agrippa includes encouraging strife, driving away a woman’s love, blocking conception, encouraging barrenness, blocking generation, bringing bad luck, destroying joy, and encouraging melancholy.

Is this just one interpretation? Why would I work with this is it to overcome the negative aspects?

You gotta remember the times the text was written. Church was in power more than they are now and writing of demons in any “positive” light would end up with the aurthor in the ground or locked up for life for heresy.

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Bec. They say he’s strong and I’d like to know what else he got…I’m interested in him

Well me too that is why I ask, power is good, just wondering about specific talents

True is there any other good articles like the one your provided for the other planetary spirits ?

Couldnt say havent read agrippa in a few years so dont remember much of the names. That site i linked may have more of um.

The site does not have a search bar

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You can search though it with google or break the link like this

And it will take you to a search section.

According to EA"s video, Sorath is seen as “negative” because he will destroy your life, in order to rebuild it , and you, stronger and better than you were. Tear down the old in order to create the new. And people are always scared of big change.

He is destruction and creation.


Thanks, they must not have those articles on the other ones

Thats a really good site, thanks for sharing it

No problem :+1:

I’ve practiced also for Sorath the procedures by a modern author in order to find the spatial structure and (theoretically) the secret name of an entity. So:
That author suggest to evoke a spirit by vibrating the name (in this case “Ivure”) while the flat or 3D structure spins, thanks to a small engine, in front of the magic mirror which would “project” the real entity in the room.