Soo, about food and drinks as offerings

So ive been pondering, how long does it takes to remove the offering of the altar or the temple? I ask this because if you let it for too much time, it can root, but if you let for to less it will be awful for the entity. So how does one measure the time to let the offering in the temple?

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As long as it takes for me to consume them. A spirit can really only enjoy them through you.


Please use the search function for such basic questions. This has been asked many, many, times.

Generally, offerings are left on an altar for about 24 hours so the entity can feed on its energetic essence at its leisure, and then they are traditionally disposed of through the elements ie burned, buried, or cast into moving water (if no river is available, the toilet does count as moving water) And yes, you can also throw it in the trash. Once the spirit has removed its essence, the food tends to become bland and tasteless.


I’d give it max a day. Truth is the spirit can take the vital essence, or just essence of what you’ve offered instantaneously. I give them a day anyway.

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Same, I always keep it for around 24 hours.

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What DarkestKnight said. There’s a lot more opinions and experiences here if you look.

Bear in mind it’s optional, if they don’t take it they just might never. If you can sense energy you should be able to tell it’s ‘empty’, which is the reason I don’t eat these, though some do. I will pour two glasses and make a toast, or make two plates, to share. Clearing it away after a day is reasonable.

If I do this, it’s only for when I have them invoked, by which I mean, I am partially possessed, so they are in my body with me and can feel how I feel. However, in this case I don’t consider this an offering, it’s more like a communion, and I get to feel them to an extent as well, as we are one. This is something I consider very intimate and it’s not for just any spirit and not done lightly. I’ll offer my blood more lightly than this.


They feel your feelings anyway.


Yes this is very true…


Not if you draw healthy boundaries they don’t. You know you can just ask them to respect your privacy and they will, right?

Or is it ok for you that randoms could bumble on by anytime while you’re in the middle of human things and just help themselves to whatever? It’s very much not cool for me.

You’re not free-for-all buffet, where’s your self-respect?

Uh oh

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The entire concept of emotional transmutation is the practitioner communicating their feelings to entities, and it’s highly effective. In fact any ritual where I didn’t feel gratitude towards the end has been absolute duds.

There’s nothing random about transferring your feelings and gratitude towards whatever entity you call.

Random entities, I have protection for that, I’ve been doing this for more than 2 decades.


I feel the same way about that.

I do see what he’s saying about the link between spirit and practicioner and protection and boundaries.

I get that, since I do it, but that’s not the same thing as :

Which is not true, for one thing, and not the usual way many people make food offerings, yet they somehow find those effective as well,

and requires this “communicating their feelings to entities”.
I don’t assume you mean all and any entities, but that’s not what you said at first, and we have a lot of newbies here with shitty protections, boundaries and experience levels, that need to know this isn’t safe for just any entity, and it’s not necessary.

So then you said:

towards whatever entity you call.

Which means you do have boundaries, because there are plenty of entities around that nobody has to call for them to in their space.
So, this is for entities you have established a relationship with at at least a basic level. But not everyone who wants to make a food offering has done that, or wants that close of a contact - they don’t always have the skills to tell if they called the entity they intended or got an impostor or parasite.

Good for you? So have I, and you get no cookies for it from me. So you should have seen the issues newbies get in when they try advanced stuff they’re not ready for, and this forum is 99% newbies. Better to be safe than sorry.

i don’t offer the food. i offer the experience of eating through me. I don’t see leaving it on a plate as productive. they want to experience / taste them foods. not just stare at it on a plate. lol :rofl:

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I don’t consider anything I said advanced stuff, if I remember correctly “Demons of Magick” aligns with exactly what I said and it’s considered a very beginner friendly book.

That’s exactly the way you came across though.

Edit: if you want further explanation to my initial statement. In my opinion if you leave something on your alter and don’t let whatever entity experience it through your emotions. It’s a sacrifice, not an offering. If you offer incense you light it don’t you?


beginner friendly but not beginner book. =o) Many confuse cuz it’s simple process with straight to the point explanation without fluff.

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I think you’re supposed to openly state that you offer the food/drinks as offerings during the ritual and consume them after or towards the end of the ritual.

more importantly after you get the results you desire. Do a quick summoning with the sigil, feel the gratitude for the result and then consume what you offered.


I keep them out for 12 to 24 hours and I usually state how long, unless it is a spirit meal in which case I leave it out as long as people are eating and clean it up like a normal dinner party.

I don’t believe in consuming the food as it is part of the sacrifice, unless someone in the ritual is possessed and then they do with it whatever they want.

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