Something that's been working for me & want to share

I can’t find which one of you saiid this now, but using " my perception " as if the phrase were, " my reality" is ingenious! Lady Eva, thank you so much for sharing. I believe the closer we come to accepting reality as what we want it to be, the stronger our ability will be to achieve the reality we desire. Love this forum guys!


I posted this ages ago but time to revisit, because I just healed someone’s pet who’d been given a “palliative care only” diagnosis and as of this morning’s results, he’s now clear of the illness, filled out nicely and and looking half his age, using this method.

Shake it up to stop that pesky entropy pinning you down, don’t use the exact same formula twice, and keep it fun and believable. :slight_smile:


Just read this again and tried it. I felt a very sudden wave of positive energy overcome me when reciting your phrase Lady Eva. But this falls in line with what I’ve been doing lately. Trying to perceive my reality as if I already have everything I want. Thinking like I am already a living god, which is doing wonders for me and finally so many things that I have always wanted in my life are now coming to fruition.


So, I’ve had some good results with this in the past few days, which I can’t share, but there’s one where I can - I went to the supermarket after I’d been doing this stuff a lot for serious reasons, so I figured I’d play.

At the doorway of the shop (I use doorways as a tool a lot) I set the “If I was a Living Goddess…” intent to see a man looking like an actor I fancy, long-deceased so it fitted my believability specs because I knew the real guy wouldn’t be able to be there.

I’d barely walked a few yards and still had nothing in my basket when I saw a ringer for this actor - and not only that, he was dressed in a jacket exactly like the actor wears, in some scenes where he’s looking really hot. :heart:

This doesn’t totally bust probability, but it’s the most recent time I’ve used this method to take something I wanted in my head, and make it manifest in the mass-observed spacetime perception.

And it was fun. :slight_smile:


Hi @Lady_Eva!
Interesting posts, as usual!
I’m wondering if you still use this method, if there was an evolution of this since last time you posted or if you have moved to something completely different.

Something that also caught my interest is when you talk about Perception instead of Universe, because since yesterday night my mind is circling around a similar concept as a way to move forward in my practice but still trying to pin point it, and I thought that maybe I came across this topic today for a reason.


Cool thread. Thanks for digging it up @Samael777.

I recognize this kind of thought. I don’t know a word for it, but I want to call it something like “light casting”. Not light as in lightbulb, but light as in not heavy. It works pretty well.

When correctly done, the energy sort of “treads gently on the bubble of reality”. It eases down into the cracks and crevices of the material plane and finds the path of least resistance. Results will make for unconvincing evidence because the outcome will be a normal part of reality.

This style is almost effortless, but it doesn’t hit hard like other methods. If you want to change night into day you might need to go a bit farther. If you just want a little Luck O’ the Irish, this can help.


I actually still use it, pretty much the same way expect I change the wording from time to time, but the basic elements are the same.

I’m not sure I believe there is a “reality” - more like a “mass-observed spacetime perception” - this is related to, firstly, The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

And secondly to this:


Thank you for the reply.
I’ve just download the pdf and will start to read it tonight. I’ve also looked into the post you linked, it’s definitely interesting, especially one of the posts where you quoted another member talking about how we live in our own world and timeline. If I intended it correctly it’s kind of an alienating point of view, like you make your own choices and you live then those timelines where you made your choices and the other people react to your choices, but I have the feeling that for the most of them you are kind of living the echos of other people.

In any case, what I was thinking about in the last couple of day is what neuroscience explain to us about the brain, and the fact that we don’t really experience the reality as it is, but we experience a perception of the reality, meaning that we live in a world that’s first been filtered by our own internal schemes (here’s a summary of this concept: Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth - YouTube ).
I was looking into this because then with things like evocations, it should seem less difficult because you are not materialising something from thin air, but you are actually changing your perception to show you something.
Also considering that we are still seeing a small portion of the spectrum of light, and hearing a small one of sounds, so everything can be happening around us in any given moment and our own physical senses simply cannot catch them, so effectively we are blind to all of that.

So when evoking an entity, could be something in between “my consciousness/internal senses are attuning to that stuff that usually my physical senses don’t catch” and “you are already making up the reality that you see and experience in any given moment, so it’s shouldn’t be too difficult to also give a visible form to an entity”.
I’m finding a way to reframe the current situation to overcome the obstacle I’m facing, if this makes sense.

About your method, if I understood it correctly, is it something like (using the your Italian oil experience as an example):

If I was a Living God, and able to make things happen with my mind so long as they were believable to me and others, then I would have now some oil without leaving my apartment.

Or like:
If I was a Living God, and able to make things happen with my mind so long as they were believable to me and others, then my neighbour will bring me some oil as a thank you for everything I’ve done with them.

I’m not sure about when you say that we need to add a caveat of credibility related to something we have done/we could do.

Thanks again for your reply and the links you shared :slight_smile:


Sorry @Zapdubious, I got caught up in Lady_Eva’s answer and I forgot to answer to you.

Thanks for your explanation.
I see what you mean when saying that this method is closer to light/luck type of magic. I guess though that for a trained mind, at higher levels this method can give results as strong as any other methods.
Once you are closer to become a Living God, a simple act of will with your mind, or a whispered sentence, can cause a storm.

At a certain level, reminds me of @Norski’s technique for creating a sigil, using statements like “I can’t believe how easy it was to obtain X” (or something similar, I don’t remember now the exact sentence, but it’s on this forum).

In both cases it seems to me that you are posing an open question to the Universe (or the reality, your subconscious, your Daimon, etc) that is compelled to answer.
You create a state of instability that the Universe needs to stabilise. Or you “trick” it into using his own rules against himself, to obtain what you want.

“BECAUSE the first statement is true, AND and I’ve obtained a result, then HOW did I arrive there? Something must have happened that is a logical conclusion to that”.
A broken circle must be closed.
Just like the Reality is based on mathematical formulas, and we know that math is an extension of logic, so this type of magic uses assumptions to make stuff happen in a subtle way. Kind of NLPing the Universe.

If I was a living God and I could make stuff happen with my mind, then I would obtain X (but we know that we can make stuff happen with the mind, or we wouldn’t be here, so we are impliciting saying that it’s a logical conclusion that we obtain the result because the premises are true).
Same for “how easy was to obtain X?”. Because I think that I have obtained something, then something else must have happened to make the premise true.

I’m guessing that some other forms of magic work in a similar way. When you make a request to an entity stating at the present tense what you want to obtain (like in Demons of Magic) you are creating a vacuum in the logic of the Universe, a vacuum that must be filled. A loose end that must be tied.
Kind of like a system that goes to equilibrium.

Not sure, maybe I went too far with what I wanted to say. You know when you think about something and you feel like you are just about to grasp the core of the concept but you start to circling around it trying to find the exact point that makes all the pieces fall into place?


@Samael777 (meant to reply)

Oh yeah. Circling the mysteries like prey is what turns philosophy into poetry. It builds mental strength like the hard labor in Kung-Fu movies.

I really like the “I can’t believe how easy!” method. That is the moment we’re really looking for. That type of expression has a strong rhetorical effect on humans, so it probably works on parts of the universe that are close to humans.


I really did not understand your method. What did you really say to get the oil and how did you heal the dog?

Exactly, if you want it done right, do it yourself.

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Variations on this:

So, for example:

“If I was a Living Goddess and able to make things happen through thought alone, by plausible routes, today I will find the handbag I am looking for.”

And then go out, make an effort to hit some places where handbags can be found for sale, be astonished and happy to find a perfect bag for a convenient price.

Other things happen spontaneously but always just this side of believable, the perfect bag in my example will not appear out of thin air in front of me.


I would love to point out that this is so awesome,I believe this kind of perception (obviously not worded anyway similar) was what enabled me to utilize magick for my goals. My interaction with the physical seemed to manifest my most outrageous and far fetched goals/desires would manifest upon the most perfectly timed circumstances, so much so I would gigle and laugh to myself somehow k owing that I or rather my intent and thoughts had somehow been responsible for whichever benefit I had been enjoying…

NOTE: I would like to add that the most frequent and noticeable " muggle magick manifestations" lol would occur during my graduating year at my Military Academy ( for delinquent boys, private school)… And I had been 100% clean from all mood or kind altering substances, including no tobacco, or female cadets for that matter… So I had only been having sex with my girlfriend on the occasions we earned the privaledge to return Home for Christmas or March break… Lol)

Makes sense, due to. Probably heightened bioelectricity boosting magical ability) great post thanks @Lady_Eva!


That is really quite a fascinating delineation. Thank you for adding that.


So replying to a super old post, but thanks for all the knowledge you impart to the community. I’ve learned a lot from your wisdom.

Also, your post reminded me of when I was first starting out in LOA/Magick several years ago. I tested it by deciding to manifest a cup of coffee. I was at work and decided to put it to the test, so I purposefully avoided the coffee machine the entire day. About halfway through the day, a random employee walked up to my desk and said, “I thought you might like coffee, so I decided to bring you some.” This did not happen even once in the previous half of a decade there and didn’t happen again. It was a pretty amazing thing to me.

P.S. Major kudos for your love of B5. That show was epic!


I like this. Currently I’m trying to make some things happen by asking the Universe and you basically do the same, only rely on your own power.
Interesting. Thanks

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I decided to try this about three days ago. I needed a new pair of sweat pants because my comfy ones are falling apart. Today my brother randomly came by to give me some of his old shirts and three pairs of shoes. I had to laugh and wonder if my aim was slightly off. Do you have any tips for my next attempt? Do I need to visualize it better? Or believe it more? What I envisioned was definitely in the realm of possibility.


Oooh, so close! :smiley:

I’m not sure except to try again, maybe see yourself just in the sweat pants, and imagine where you’ll keep them. :thinking:


@Caspian42, also you could keep some space clear for them in your drawer or shelf or wherever you will put them so that they have somewhere to be when you aren’t wearing them.

It might sound funny but you can then think “that’s where my sweatpants go” to make a bit more of an energetic link.