Something simple

I’ve been doing reality checks threw out the day and it has increased my lucid dreaming by about 50% or more I’d say. All you have to do is pick a mundane task you do threw the day and be conscious about it! I look at my phone, check the time and ask “am I dreaming”? Most of you prob know this but for those of you who didn’t reality checks are simple and the rewards are obvious.

Yea i do a reality check about every 30 minutes, you definitely have to make a habit of it

Yes you do or its a wasted practice. Hit me up later

I’ll have to give this a shot Alkoloid thanks for the suggestion. Lucid dreaming is one of those things that not only seems like it would be a blast to master not to mention the potential possibilities that one could tap into.

It is a useful tool indeed.

I got results with it after 1 month of pratice. It works.

The more I do this, the more often I have Deja Vu, and for longer periods. I wonder what it would be like to have permanent deja vu…

Permanent dejavu would be normal…because you would have nothing else to compare it to. Now dejavu for prolonged periods would be scary AF lol…

Do any of you find it easy to soul travel using the lucid dream with this method?

I’ve used it for about two weeks but I hardly got any results. I see that Divinator got results after one month so maybe it was my fault for not being too persistent.

However this method was useful for me when I had nightmares, it was the only time during a dream that I asked myself if I’m dreaming and I was able to change the dream.
After asking if I’m dreaming I would feel my body shaking and I could hear a buzzing noise just like the one many people describe experiencing before astral projection. But I always ended up in another lucid dream and then waking up.

I’ve heard of people projecting from lucid dreams with ease but I am definitely not one of those people. My experience is pretty much the same as yours, always ending up in another lucid dream or just losing consciousness.

I have a lot of difficulty separating the term Lucid dreaming from Astral Projection. I have been projecting most of my life and really see the two worlds as intertwined. The lucid dream is you moving inward in the dream world and experiencing yourself in the deepest subconscious level. Astral projection is once you’ve left yourself and are experiencing the collective dream world known as the astral plane. I’ve used reality checks in the past, though not as frequently as Necro. Mostly, just a safety check as my life gets pretty fucking unreal and paranormal sometimes. It’s difficult for me to tell the dream state from the waking state at this point of my existence since there is so much overlap.


I know exactly you mean. Its hard to stay “sane” sometimes.

I’m going to make it a point to make this a habit throughout the day. Thanks for the info, I’ve never done it consciously before.


UndeadGod333, do you mean to find your physical body sleeping on the bed while you had a ‘‘surprise’’ out of body experience?

I would like to reiterate what Undeadgod333 wrote. One of the best exercises you can do is disrupt your sleep schedule and actually get up. You will find yourself laying on the bed eventually. Get ready for that shocker!


Yeah, when you are astral projecting, you are in the tg sync which feels exactly the same as when you first awake up and get outta bed. Well, the same feeling as the first two minutes of being awake anyway.

I recommend this exercise to my fiancé the other day, she suffers nightmares constantly. I thought putting reality checks into practice could help her recognize when she is in a dream state and then take control of the dream. Hopefully it can allow her to confront and work through the issues that cause the nightmares.

I too hope that your fiancée will be able to stop having nightmares. Please let us know how it goes when she gets some results with this exercise.

I kept having the same nightmare since childhood (well, one of the many nightmares but that one was the most scary and it would influence me for the rest of the day). It wasn’t something special, just a man chasing me and no matter how fast I was trying to run I was never able to reach my safe spot and get away from him or hide.
With the reality checks I was able to change the dream and get out of there but I stopped having this nightmare when, instead of changing the dream, I turned around to look at the man’s face and ask him to leave me alone. He still tried to get me but I told him to fuck off and then I ended up in another lucid dream. It’s been almost a year since then that I didn’t have this nightmare again, it was such a relief!