Something just attacked me in my dream/sleep

It seemed to be a large bird. Like as big as a vulture but felt like it was a female eagle.

It was pulling somthing out of me as I struggled with it. I was fighting to keep this “something” from being pulled out. It was choking me so I was not only trying to keep this long “something” from being pulled out, I was also trying to breathe. I knew I waa asleep and at my mom’s home for the night so I called out to my mom so she can wake me up. Somehow this physical act affected me in the dream. Each time I called my mom, this being was able to pull more out of me. Like the act of opening my mouth gave it a second to pull more out.

I did exchange words with it. I told it to get off me. I also told it that I was not afraid of it and it then told me she was very old and I could not beat her. I still was trying to fight it. I grabbed it a few timea. I did use a mental shield over my head. As if I needed to actually protect my physical body from it.

I called my mother again and she then came to wake me up.

I am so pissed but a little freaked out. It has been a very long time since I been attacked this way. Any ideas?

Note : I am pregnant. I also have swallowed a black snake(in a dream) in the past. It was a test of some sort when I was learning to embrace darkness. I had to open my mouth and allow the snake to enter and go down my throat without fear. These are the 2 things I can come up with when it comes to having something pulled out of me.


That’s an interesting coincidence that you swallowed a black snake, eagles eat snakes, and it was going after a long thing, which more of left if you opened your mouth. But, you didn’t mention intestines, does that imply you didn’t feel it was going after your vitals?

Sometimes when I have time I’ll meditate to go back into the dream where it left off, and change it’s path (an idea I got from a Robert Moss book, and it works a treat) - in this case, if it were me, I’d ask the bird why it wanted the long thing, what the long thing was etc. It might be that it thought it was trying to help, who knows, but it doesn’t sound random.


Interesting indeed…

I’m beginning to think it was a older lady I know that may be fking with my boyfriend. She is into witchcraft but I am not sure exactly what. It was a full moon and the voice was female. She actually said “you can’t beat me, I’m older”. This woman was at my house last night so could have entered my bedroom and accessed my personal belongings.

This woman doesn’t know much about my beliefs or path. I am not sure but the pressure I felt on my stomach makes me feel like it was after the baby. I felt it a few times before I woke up. I have a lot to think and pray about.


The snake test was last year though. I failed it the first time then prayed for a second chance and got it.

But I didn’t think of that. Maybe the fact my mom is a Christian has something to do with it. She does a lot of praying and worship here. Maybe her spirits or angels didnt want me here :thinking:

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Oh yes, you said that… Shows you what she knows. Physical age of the vessel doesn’t mean much. She’s probably not even in her last incarnation as a human if she’s this attached to pull crap over a man. Have you seen that ‘Level Up’ video? Yeah she’s not there yet.

Yeah going after the baby, that changes everything.
With the caveat that I’m a mother and I know if it were me, I’d be so blisteringly angry and protective of my charge I’d already have destroyed the eagle or tried to, and be immediately following up with confirmation divination of my target, with the intent to bane the vessel while it’s damaged. It’s my kid, I’m not pulling my punches and I’m not underestimating the enemy. Might be a nut, fuck it, it’s sledgehammer time.

When I was pregnant, I didn’t know about working with daemons, I would have drained her of all her qi and used a poppet, old hedgewitch style. I’d throw it all at her now, attacking on fronts, astral, daemonic persuasion and assasination, energy working, freeze spells, sympathetic candle magik and poppet to confuse and divert and curses. I don’t want her suffering for years being a pain in my ass, I want her gone, off the planet.


If it was a friend of mine I would be making servators to scout out the woman and house along with me going to the house giving her a fair chance to stop or I would take baneful action against her.


I have an idea of who it is. I would rather just beat her ass in person but since she is too cowardly for that I am going to seek assistance from Satan and the daemons. I know that she has a fear of the “demonic” because she does come to my grandfather’s house and burns sage because she knows I’m there.


One thing to keep in mind @Malicious
Is that sometimes these “Attacks”, aren’t really attacks but rather purifications, let me explain.

Sometimes a Demon will attack you in order to purify your energy, naturally, you will sense it as an attack, when really it’s an act of Spiritual Alchemy.
Now keep in mind that doesn’t mean every entity is gonna be helping you out they could be genuinely trying to hurt you, just pay attention to your intuition and what this “attacker” feels like, what are his true intentions?
Be skeptical, that’s all.


I will give her a chance to stop.


It was female. When she came at me I knew I was in a dream state. I was startled by the appearance but got angry. I then tackled her down and told her I wasn’t afraid of her. The texture of her body was birdlike. Just short of human size. When I realized my physical body was feeling pressure in my pelvic area, I decided to wake up.

This is a good point. I will have to double check and be sure what exactly happened


You guys are nicer than me; I give 2nd chances, especially with any hint that my kid’s threatened.

That occurred to me too. It’s also the case that guides can be perceived as awful monsters chasing people, because their fear makes them see them that way (and they face it and it changes to a rabbit or whatever and tells them lovely things, ok) … but
a) @Malicious seems much more educated than that,
b) she’s already got guides she can ask and
c) I was running with her intuition that it was deliberate, malicious, and trying to do harm to not her, but her baby. How despicable does it need to get to justify action?

Add to that the existence of motive and ability, and we have a smoking gun - circumstantial, sure, but who wants to take chances when tonight she could come back to try again and succeed. Given the choice - the woman over my kid, it’s a no-brainer which one I’m choosing.

@Malicious - you just changed the whole story?? - like, 180, and that bothers me - seriously read back what you wrote up top… I think you might want to do a divination to check for spells to freeze you.

Please, don’t 2nd guess yourself, what’s at stake is too precious. Go with your gut, and make sure you and yours are safe, in whatever way you can. Call Brighid, Bast, Freya, Isis, Gaia, whichever mother Goddess you can work with for protection and clarity.

Well I was in thought about this whole experience as I showered

I came up with this :

  1. I have been struggling so much with my boyfriend. I accuse him of cheating and he denies it. It has become a daily battle between us. My paranoia may have caused me to blame the woman I feel he cheated with before I could examine anything else

  2. The whole thing ended, meaning I woke up for the last time a little after 3am. So this may have started around the witching hour. I just saw Koettings video about it, the night before it happened. He stated that we should meditate, do rituals, or study if we are woke up at 3am. I did not

  3. Tonight I will reflect on what happened and ask for a second chance to see or learn something I may have missed. Satan was understanding enough to let me experience the snake encounter twice so that I could face my fear of the serpent entering me (and of the darkness) so I hope I will get a second chance. I also asked for help and direction the night before

Omg im such a bad student/learner


Ok, stop giving your power away. This moment, today.

You are not a bad learner

  1. I doubt very much you’re paranoid, you’re fey, you can feel the unseen, trust your gut.
    Do look for corroborating data, on the quiet
    Why are you with someone you don’t trust?

  2. Not doing a meditation at 3am has nothing to do with it. Doesn’t matter. I saw that vid - he wasn’t mandating anything, he said if you can’t get back to sleep its a great time to do some workings, no more
    Question is, why are you looking for shit like that to beat yourself up over?

  3. Here is where you’re really giving up your power. There’s no need to “ask for a 2nd chance”, you’ve already got it because you want it. Period. Asmany as you want, actually. No pleading - this sets you up to fail because it means you don’t know if some outside ‘power’ will ‘let’ you do something. In reality you’re in your own way, sabotaging yourself. Just ask, and let it flow.

This snake thing - umm, why?? Why have you made this visualisation a blocker for you? Not all techniques work for everybody, why not do something different?.
I don’t even know what this is - it’s possibly not what you think - the test might actually be, to get you to stand for yourself and say, “yeah, no, nice try”. I don’t think the daemons pull bs ‘tests’ wasting people’s time like that, when you could have been working on something useful for a year: they’re pretty practical, the ones I work with anyway. Maybe because I’m very practical, goes to show, it’s what YOU make of it that counts.

Let’s talk about this fear of the ‘darkness’ maybe - because, there actually isn’t any. The Abrahamic religions with their co-oerced consent and slavery, they’re really dark. Daemons, not so much. Look around, are you scared of humans, as long as you approach them within a controlled context and set boundaries, humans are fine, right? Daemons are the same. Stay away from the crazies of either density. Lucifer is a teacher, not a crazy, he’s all good.


My fear of darkness was literally the fear of the dark. At that timeI was learning to be in the dark as well as face what was engraved into my mind as evil.

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But, I’m confused - what’s that got to do with learning black magik? It’s not a block to working at all. You can just sidestep your mind’s belief systems (bs) for now and worry about them later. Unless you don’t want to. If resolving fear of the dark is a huge deal, have at it, of course. You know what I’m afraid of in the dark? Stubbing my toe. Hurts like a bugger. Being cautious in the dark is certainly sensible. But by not working on your ascent, you remain in another kind of darkness.

So leave a light on when you evoke, or do it in the daytime? That’s fine. If you think “Lucifer” is “evil”, call another of his names and work with that. Work with only angels… work with Lucifer in his angel form Lucifer Morningstar before his “fall” (since there wasn’t one - just political propaganda written by a cult).

You’re a human, one of the most creative and strongest types of beings in the universe - do you think just any spirit gets to incarnate as human? Not so much! A great many can’t handle it, it’s too hard. But you could. That means a lot. Trust yourself, and innovate your way through.


Oh no Lucifer is wonderful and I have actually overcome the indoctrination I was prey to. Invoking Azazel’s flame helped me let go of the Abrahamic dogma and let go of fear, it happened rather quick but my beliefs changed without a struggle. I just trusted. All was well until I moved into my grandpa’s house and was unable to practice or perform rituals since he has a Catholic faith and the energy of that is all over this house. To be honest I just got weak and allowed mental illness to get the better of me. This morning I decided to just believe what my partner says instead of thinking he is up to something and it was such a load off. Why think negative. If there is something that is harmful towards me I believe it will be revealed amd will just focus on moving forward

Thanks for your replies they gave me something to think about.

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you people make me laugh so bad, but you are in a way danger :smiley:

female eagle is my first wife, that really cant be equaled to any deity, but it was metaphorically trying to tell you that you have parasitic entity in your body.

we are literally pulling those beings out of you, you will cry weeks when you understand, dont worry.

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Hmm… If that would be the case then yes I will cry.

your baby will be angellic, take care :slight_smile:

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