Something i don't understand

So i recently started trying to learn everything i can about Agrat Bat Mahlat but well i could not find much and something i did find contradicts itself.

From what i remember,everyone here says she is a sister of Lilith but Wikipedia i think says she is a daughter of Lilith so what is the reality here?

I also read she is one of something called the angels of prostitution,her favorite colors are red and purple,although different people see her in different forms its common to read that her hair is shoulder length,some see her with red purple hair while others see her as blonde or having black curly hair,her personality is said to be loving,care free,forgiving,playful,and i forgot what else. She is also known as the Roof Dancer. I think its been said she loves dancing and singing. One person said her energy feels warm and comforting. On YouTube someone said she has different days to contact or summon her for different things.

I believe good offerings for her include songs,dances,some kind of flowers,and blood. I wonder how Agrat would feel about purple and or red drawings being made as an offering to her.

Anyways Wikipedia says daughter of Lilith while BALG says sister.

Everyone is going to have different interactions with the same being. Different facets that present themselves. Think of it similarly to how one person acts differently around their parents, coworkers, best friend, etc. You’ll have to cross reference commonalities, if there are any, and feel for yourself what you think is best for your relationship to that entity. UPG and SPG are important concepts for a reason (Unverified Personal Gnosis and Shared Personal Gnosis).

In addition, mythologies will vary as well. Even in ancient mythologies such as Hellenism the stories differ in region and era. XYZ entity is a god or a demon, is a cousin or a sibling or a child or a parent, and sometimes multiple at once. The important part is to understand the fluidity of kinship and associations.


Ah alright. Im really not surprised she can show herself in different forms since she is ofcourse a spirit but i didn’t expext she could be a daughter of Lilith to some people while being a sister of Lilith to others. Thanks for the answer.

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Ah i see. So maybe Hercules in one Mythology could be Thor in another.

Not the same thing. I mean, for example, Zagreus is considered the son of Hades in some versions of mythology, and in others he’s the son of Zeus. Or that Phanes is the Orphic god who created the primordials and in some versions two primordials created him instead.

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Oh well thats wild. Were these mythologies written based on real human experience with these beings or were these spirits born as thoughtforms who later became real spirits?

That’s debated. Some people believe all gods are thoughtforms. Others believe in gods and entities that are the embodiments of nature that predate humans. There’s no straight answer and it depends on both your belief and culture.


Alright. Well i guess even if every spirit is a thoughtform that don’t change the fact we get the results we get.

Although if every spirit is a thoughtform,i would wonder who thought of us.

“Reality” isn’t quite the term when you’re talking about myth and lore. Different cultures adopted and changed older cultures myths over time, so it depends which ancient versions of the myth you want to follow if you want to be told what is what. Pick one and stick to it. This needs research and there’s usually history and archeology books you can get that talk about things, museum websites etc.

Otherwise do as mentioned and make your own relationship with the entity. Anything anyone else says is just thier UPG (unverified personal gnosis), and doesn’t mean you will get the same.

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Ah i see. And yes i think i already plan to eventually form my own relationship with the entity.