Something Burst Open

Hey guys, any idea what this could have been?

Last night I could feel pressure in my stomach. As the pressure intensified I felt something energetically burst open and through my clairaudience I could hear a woman screaming. Afterwards when I would concentrate on the area I could feel something start to spin.

This would be around the area of the solar plexus chakra. My first thought was that it was some sort of trapped emotion that was finally released. But the voice didn’t sound like mine.

I have not been doing any kind of energy work or Solar plexus work. Any idea what happened or suggestions for any kind of follow up or further research?

It does sound like an energetic block may have broken through so your trapped emotion idea could well be exactly right.

It’s hard to say without being there to read the energy before and after, but if you meditate on it and watch it for a while, you may get more intuition about the area, notice if the block starts building again and keep energy flowing through.

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