Someone put a love spell on me

Now that I have familiarize myself with love spells and asked Amon to undo every curse on me and every spell. I realized I was under a love spell this whole time.It weakened when I distanced myself between them but I still checked their profile from time to, to time.Now that its undone I really feel like nothing existed between me and the person.

I was never attracted to them, physically and mentally.For some reason I was drawn to them obssessing over them doing their dishes, massaging them, sex everyday (literally) no exaggeration.It never occurred to me now Amon showed me a memory of a book that was always on the bed when we slept " The Satanic Rituals: Companion to The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey" I remember asking this person why this was always on the bed and they never had an answer.I was flipping through the pages and my mind ended up distracted by “other things”.

The whole thing became toxic quickly they wanted me to be in a relationship with them I was so confused,I know I didn’t want one but there was an unexplainable force that persisted tell me its right this person is the one.This person treated me unkind and mentally abused me because I didn’t want to bend to their will.Eventually they were done with me but they still kept my possessions,my stuff ended up going missing A LOT. My hunger changed dramatically I never really wanted to eat and I wanted to be constantly with them.I lived with them practically and we had only met ONCE and I was with them ever since,that’s the weirdest part never leaving only for work, it lasted for a month.I am finally clear of them King Paimon wants me to seek revenge or cast a reversal make them confused and abused as I was on a different person.I’m looking to move on…I had to change my whole life to get away from this person.

I also just wanted to share my story because I know people cast love spells all the time unaware of what they’re capable of and how quickly they can turn toxic , if you are unexperience or simple just want to abuse power please don’t do this. It can damage a person tremendously becareful on what you cast and be responsible please!


I know my first boyfriend cast spells on me. It wrecked my mental and physical health (his constant cheating and other bad behavior triggered an eating disorder relapse that weakened my heart and could have killed me). I had to fight like hell to break his hold on me, and I consider myself lucky to be alive.

In the interest of full disclosure, I used magick to get revenge on him (and the primary person with whom he cheated). And I stand by that, because 1. he deserved it, and 2. having his own heart broken was what finally straightened him out. I say listen to King Paimon and go for it, no holds barred.

I avoid casting love spells for a specific person. I just ask for someone who meets certain criteria (not that I ever meet any…).


How heavy is this person’s magical background and ability?

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I think the biggest ever mistake these people make after casting a live spell on someone is to treat them like shit , I never understood why would they do it to someone they wanted so much :pensive: I think my ex married me by casting a spell aswell if he treated me well it would have been a great relationship!


I’m not sure I knew nothing about them, I only met them once.

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Wow I’ve done this myself but idk how he felt I know it was a pull to me but idk how bad I never actually invested it but I think it broke on it’s own so thanks for this


I’m sorry that happen to you Poppet, I’m glad you fought off his hold and you are alive.You did what you had to do, and yes King Paimon is very wise I think I will consult with him the best option.

I wish the most beautiful love for you when you are ready to love again.


I’m sorry for that, that is terrible he did that to you nobody deserves that. I’m sure it has a lot to do with selfishness.For this person I am referring to I’m sure they didn’t really want “me” but the idea of me and later I found out from a mutual “friend” I guess or acquaintance that I reminded this person of their ex.Even though we met once we were around each other for a couple of days before actually meeting. I guess enough time to go home and cast a spell.

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I’m happy to hear that too!

As I said though idk how stronly it effected him tbh he wasn’t obsessed but it made him never able to leave it was. A bad experience for us both that I regret for many reasons

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I understand we all make mistakes and the best thing we can do is learn from them and move on.If anything you can always apologize and cast a better love life for him. We can always cast a positive thing for every negative thing we end up doing on accident something I plan on doing if I make a mistake.I’m sure you didn’t have intentions on really hurting him.


No I actually loved him I just wanted him to see me as more then what he did I didn’t treat him like crap or anything we hung out played video games made love goofed off laughed and stuff but we also had bad times he would push me away argue make me cry cause the spell it’s self out him in a state of confusion of his own feelings he would want to leave one minute and want to come back the nexted and if he didn’t want it I’d give him space…and he would come back and do it all over again if just got to the point where. I knew the love he gave me want what I wanted cause it wasn’t him doing it cause he wanted to so I let him go and moved on he did to not saying I don’t feel apull to him when we are close and he does to but we both put distance between us because of that and I don’t want to hurt my current guy cause of it by all rights he is a twin flame of mine that’s why there is a pull but I don’t want to go through that or put him through that it’s not good for either of us by any means

I am so glad you overcame that adversity. Well done.

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@seven0 Yeah…this isn’t really the place to tell people that they shouldn’t cast love spells. EA has done it, I have done it, dozens of users have done it (including women btw) and probably will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Its not that people dont know the consequences. We do…we just dont really care tbh. The motto here is “do art thou wilt” it’s no different from any other form of magic in the left hand path. If these are things that don’t sit well with a person, then the LHP is not for them…and there’s nothing wrong with that. But BALG is a LHP website first and foremost.

This post is not meant to pick on you, but you must understand that you aren’t the first woman to come on here and lament about our use of love magick. We don’t all gather here just so we can call up Raphael to heal each other’s acne problems. To me, it’s somewhat arrogant to tell people not to do a particular school of magick simply because you were affected by it. It would be like if I came on here after some asshole threw a curse my way, and I was like “guys, please don’t do baneful magick! Especially if you’re
A bad person! You could really hurt someone…and sometimes they don’t deserve it…” I’d be laughed outta here if I made a post like that, and rightfully so imo

The definition of peak silliness to me is to be concerned about people’s use of love magick on a LHP forum, where curses are being thrown left and right.

But just in case you dont believe me, concerning Koettings endorsement of love spells, Here’s a video from EAs own YouTube channel from only a year ago. Play close attention to the title

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love spells suck, never used one, probably never will, even if the girl is a bitch to me, ive said this before :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

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To my way of thinking, once someone uses magick on you, the kid gloves come off and you’re free to do whatever you want to them when you figure out how to do the hard stuff.

I do love binds and don’t condone them.

Technically, there’s nothing wrong with love binds, but realistically, there usually is something wrong with the type of person who goes out of their way to do them. At a fundamental level, those people don’t understand that attracting someone instead of forcing them into submission is a better move overall.

Most people who do love binds really should be doing attraction and lust spells. Attraction so what they want comes to them instead of being forced at them. Lust so they get what they want with NSA and don’t end up fucking over people they end up not wanting after they get them.

Aside from any moral judgment, love binds in general are usually badly applied by socially maladjusted incompetents. I wish that were not the case, but sadly, it is.

Again, without moral judgment, since there are so many spells on here for forcing love, it only makes sense to put up self-defense spells and magickal protection (shields and wards) so people who don’t want to be forced into arrangements against their will can opt out.

If we’re going to be honest on BALG, we not only enable perpetrators, we also have to show people how not to be unwitting victims. Fair is fair.


I threw his ass out in 2002. Still waiting for my Prince Charming :unamused:

I used Belial for breaking relationships in the past because if any relationship related to abrasiveness or toxicity exists then Belial will bring it out of concealment. Some lewd men offer themselves in the role of the Female, for the intent of introducing the sexual-energies of Belial into the relationship between them but someone to call Belial to energize this relationship can find a possessive third-party interfering with this relationship.

Command forth that I the accused symbolic leader of a Men’s Transgendered Demonic Group, have my curse of Necromantic Nature leads to potentially qualifying this individual as a target. That Demon known as Bifrons knows the qualifiers of how this other person must be defined, for this curse to target. I want this individual to reverse the curse many times over, are they actually not one of these targeted groups?

One of those is to liken them to me, Emery-Pie, for being one to work magic at a distance to get their way while aiming to avoid consequences of the action. 'Tis known as linking to an existing curse, describable by Bifrons, about me in Fairbanks, Alaska. If this individual uses sex to manipulate reality into existence at a distance, they might be like me. Have a group ask if they are me, are like me, are thought of like me, or are even the same group as me. Other parameters do exist for this curse to attack, but what it attacks is often not lethal but just enrages others.

My curse has a net widely cast effect, but does the target qualify as a pre-existing target of this particular curse? Bifrons will know if the targeting has been done, for the curse has been created, with a unique targeting methodology, but without invocation, knowing if this individual has been curse-targeted by me will be unclear.

I didn’t quite get it. So , you were targeted by a functioning love spell, by a Satanist ,and then you start writing about this on Satanic forum? OK I want to undermine your beliefs a little. So is Satan good or bad for you overall? Or are there different currents of Satanism , some malicious some beneficient? Because LaVey is a widely recognized name in Satanism. Honestly you are very trusting person.

I dont want to offend anybody, just asking of curiousity.

By the way this is total barbarity to cast love spells like that. I know we are Satanists but honestly, some ethics IS just necessary. Or isn’t it? What do you think?

Be careful throwing around labels. This is a black magick forum, not a Satanic forum, and the majority of the people here are the furthest things from a Satanist. The definition of a Satanist is someone who worships Satan in a religious way, and while there are some of those here, they are far from the majority.